Attaining Focus and Preparatory Levels

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Attaining Focus and Preparatory Levels
srinivas, Member, Lecturer, India

Focus is key for areas of quality, operations etc. If we were to attain focus, on what levels the preparation need to be done?

Focus is a key area in areas of quality, customer, operations, safety. In order to have the focused being following is an approach, where in the desired objective (Right first time and zero harm) can be achieved by following in it's true spirit, also on having state of focused being achieved, the target can be achieved despite the environment (good or bad). The idea is if the preparation at different levels at the individual level is done then at the organization level can the focus as the collective being be improved?
1. Preparation at the physical level
2. Unlearning at the intellectual level of the past identification gained through the preparation at physical level (results in the increase of sensitivity levels)
3. Preparation at the emotional level(fostering the positive aspects like self reliance, clarity, peace, selflessness, oneness, happiness, integrity, stability, detachment and environment which disassociates the negative emotions like anger, miserliness, doubts, fear, sorrows, bad practices, graft by way of association with opposites)
4. Unlearning the past identification at the level of bliss.
5. Preparation at the level of conscious level
6. Unlearning the past identification at the subconscious level
7. Alignment of energy towards the spirit
8. Eliminating the gap between energy alignment and that of spirit
9. Achievement of complete energy alignment with objective in it's true spirit

The "how to" part can differ from person to person, depending on the inclination he has towards the intellectual reasoning, emotion, or the activity in the field of work. However as per the experiential system, by following the above steps the desired objective of right first time and zero harm can be achieved despite having distractions in the internal and external environment.

Overal SQ levels are increased (some practices adopted by religions may result in increase of SQ level-for example as simple practice of diverting the attention to breath while revolving the meads of a rosary adopted by different religions and associating with an idea may be one of the way, practice of physic sleep. Meditation for few minutes during sometime. Logging during the course of work etc). More over getting to a focused state being is like a falling into sleep. One can prepare for it, focused being has to descend on its own by grace.
Focus levels increases as one prepares and move forward to further step where preparation is there is at physical, intellectual, emotional, bliss and conscious levels. As and when the first three levels are crossed then the authenticity levels are peaked and greatness is achieved by aligning the energy with what is thought, said and acted upon.
Also ownership of a business is a state of consciousness where the energy of being start getting aligned with spirit of business objective.That state is attained on sufficient preparation at physical,intellectual,emotional,bliss,conscious and subconscious aspects of the being.
Adopting the focus practices at the individual level and at large at the organization may sharpen the focus level at the organization level.

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