Ценности человека

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Ценности человека
Boris Majorov, ICT Consultant

Ценности человека возможны только на основе достоинства

Достоинство человека – неотъемлемое свойство человека, составляющее основу признания и уважения всех его прав и свобод и принадлежащее ему независимо от того, как он сам и окружающие люди оценивают его личность. Flat scheme developed political system of the National Society of the XXI century Russia with the three main parties 1.2 and 3, offer their projects stabilization of the society at the next elections will look like shown in the figure on the left. However, any non-governmental organizations from three persons and above should be built on three pillars in all versions: the power, money, knowledge, rejecting as futile any congresses economists, filmmakers, intellectuals and generals as futile and wrong only in their stated structure - on one wheel not far to go. For example, all the successful party of the XX century were built on these foundations, and long-term success depended on correctly declared foundations parties. Further development and modernization of the country will be able to carry out only self-sufficient, value-oriented people on the basis of all understand and respect and protect human dignity, which enjoys all the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of man and citizen to construct the meaning of his own existence, self-improvement and self-organization of various communities, and society mankind. This is the key to human well-being, present and future of Russia, the population of the world in our time of transition from democracy to sustainable human development. This is the essence starting before our eyes the second Enlightenment.

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