New Method for Answering in the New Reality

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New Method for Answering in the New Reality
den oudsten, Entrepreneur, Netherlands

Thinkin is the platform that leads your network to carefully created answers beyond their expectations.

The world gets increasingly integrated, the number of interactions this brings with it means the rate of change increases too. There is fundamental work on this subject by Stuart Kauffman, explaining this very elegantly. Meanwhile we professionals, consultants, leaders and other results-people have to deal with the day-to-day consequences of it. Which is a joy to do and a great source of learning if only we had the right tools to keep up with a) the pace, b) the uniqueness of every single situation we find ourselves in.
We now have such a tool which is particularly suited for these kind of complex, multi-aspected situations in which we need to draw on many inputs.
Thinkin, available through Thinkin. EU is specifically designed to lead teams, groups, networks trhough such challenging complex questions to a checked, ranked specific crafted and reported answer for your question. Core of the design is borrowed from the way our own brains, in which many parts cooperate to retrieve memories, detect patterns, combine these into several possible alternatives from which it chooses one to bring to your attention. Or none when there turns out to be a more pressing task at hand. It does this smoothly, tackling huge numbers of inputs and dealing with it, without you noticing it.
Thinkin can be used for generating: carefully crafted answers, fresh directions, informed opinions, new ideas, new applications of ideas, selection of the right person for a post, perfecting products together with your customers or suppliers.
Check it out, learn how to use it and stay ahead when the complexity increases even further and you, together with your teams and networks have the right tool at your collective disposal.
Enjoy and thrive!

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