Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

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Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
Jos van de Sanden, Management Consultant, Netherlands

Moto: Purchasing en Supply Chain create added value within the organisatie on innovation.

It has become a must to get external companies involved within your development. As I always say, "Do not invent the wheel again, because then you are running behind your competition. Find your core competence and use all the knowledge and capabilitie present within this world." - If you can not beat them, then join them.
Purchasing and Supply Chain will have a major role is this process and must take the lead to ensure the right supplier choices in limiting the risk for the organisation (value sourcing).
How to implement this process or way of working is the strength of specialisme of BMK Inkoop & Supply Chain Consultants.

All and all...
"If you want to be part of the future, you have to play an active role in creating it."

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