Value-in-use in a Multi Actor Perspective

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Value-in-use in a Multi Actor Perspective
van Holten, Manager, Netherlands

Every dollar spend on a market offer should increase value .

Value in use is actually quite simpel yet not many firms make use of this concept. Value in use is exactly what it says. A market offering should focus on the in use part instead of the increasing price part. Especially when considering a market offering used by or dependant of several actors. For instance point of care testing methods. Laboratories are actors using them as are general practitioners and hospitals but value is not the same for all actors. When designing a product which is dependant of several actors its extremely important to match the value drivers of the different users. General practitioners value speed while laboratories value reliability and accuracy. Value in use can increase price as well. For instance an example of Corus which is currently part of Tata steel. They produce steel pipes and treat them with oil to prevent rusting. One of their customers used cranes to move them across their yard but because of the oil the pipes were very slippery. This forced the customer to adjust the cranes to get more grip. Before they managed to do so a representive of Corus came over and heard their problem. He ordered them pipes without oil for a higher price.
The customer accepted this offer just because it added value for them. .

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