Religion, Faith and Dogmatic Thought Modes

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Religion, Faith and Dogmatic Thought Modes
Femi Feyisitan, Financial Consultant, Canada

Religion can hinder the growth of Faith and Innovation.

It is of utmost importance in this times for the ‘reasonable man on the 'Clapham omnibus’ to make sense of, or at least try to, understand and reconcile self, environment and existential source. Myriad perspectives and schools of thought have evolved and are evolving with ideas and that have crystallized as doctrines, religious beliefs and thought modes that aim to guide conduct between ‘self’ and ‘neighbor’.

The greatest talent that distinguishes humankind from beasts is the ability for rational thought.
Rationality combined with Imagination are essential ingredients for the ‘soup of enlightenment’. But in a bid to codify thoughts or as a result of recorded evolutionary thought modes over the years, laws, rules guiding social contact and business, ethics and values arose. This eventually formed the basic fundamentals of dogma/ doctrine/belief/code. Dogma served as a reference or aid to both formal and informal instruction and education.

Thus, dogma became the ladle or trowel for spreading/ serving instruction and ultimately religion and faith.
A trip into the history of religions reflects their source as a need for enlightenment, awareness, astonishment at the world, inspiration and imagination. These are the exact phenomena that dogma restricts with boundaries that stifle! Holding the individuals thoughts, words and deeds fast in an intricately inescapable web.

My point: faith encourages a search/ seeking, but religion beyond a certain point restricts probing, questioning and unfashionable thought modes.
The individual that would rise to inquire and appreciate self, source and surroundings must perceive as through the ‘eyes of a new born’ in wondering, reasoning and questioning in a bid to understand and truly know. Thereby, discarding the restrictive cloak of dogma and don the multiple garments of rationality, inquiry and inspiration in the search for truth.

I feel it is important to mention that my perception of religion is not a negative.
Religion actually serves to introduce and teach the fundamentals of moral conscience and belief. But religion should not be allowed to serve as a tool for destroying that thin fabric that binds humankind, otherwise referred to as society.
The fundamentals/ origins of faith is ensconced in uncommon thought modes, inspiration and a search for the ultimate source of All.

Therefore, I believe it is ultimately impossible for the individual to progress/ advance faith if the inspiration, uncommon thought modes and an open minded search for the source of All is lacking. Otherwise a regurgitation of doctrine/ dogma and fashionable behavioral presentations would be the resultant. Faith is good for it inspires a search, but religion stifles growth after a certain point is reached. Humankind's’ natural tendency is to inquire/ search.
Faith is the crotch he is learning how to ‘NOT’ use properly.

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