Staying CLEAN in 2013

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Staying CLEAN in 2013
Carol Sherma Brazzier, Student (University), Trinidad and Tobago

DECISIONS path ways to success or failure and to be successful, you have get knowledge since persons act only upon what they KNOW.

Everything that occurs in your life did not happen by chance; you experienced it for a reason and it is from these experiences lessons are taught, understanding is gained and we become wise to move to the next level. Now to move to the next level, a decision has to be made. EVERYTHING is hinged upon a decision. It is similar to when someone is faced with a dilemma, his decision to pursue whatever course of action will be hinged upon his/her value and belief system and who are the strong socialisation agents at the point of time in his/her life. Whatever course of action he/she chose at the end of the day was based on what he/she KNOWS and this KNOWLEDGE forced him to make a decision to go left or to go right. So the million dollar question would b e, WHAT DO YOU KNOW? People MAKE DECISIONS, ACT UPON or DO based on what they KNOW! So if you are found lacking, you can either cause a company to loose its most valuable customers, you can cause unhappiness, stress to others and yourself, you can make a business go bankrupt, you can demotivate employees, you can cause performance targets not to be achieved or you can block yourself from receiving ALL what GOD has in store for you. The WORD declared in HOSEA that my people are destroyed for lack of KNOWLEDGE and it also declared in the gospel of John that HAPPY are those who DO WHAT they KNOW. Therefore to experience happiness and to be blessed you have to get knowledge or else if you are lacking the knowledge to experience life you will act inappropriately and make the wrong decisions.
To bring it to a personal level, to enjoy freedom and to have peace, you need to separate yourself from ALL TOXIC individuals, ALL LOTS, ALL sinister connections, ALL ERROR. Make a decision to commit to the right people and you will be committing to your future. For it is only when you free yourself from such connections, you will be able to lift your head up and LOOK! Your ability to see also affects the decision making process and to see, you have to get UNDERSTANDING. Yes UNDERSTANDING of what you KNOW in order to act appropriately!

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