5 Things India Must Unlearn

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5 Things India Must Unlearn
KK Verma, Member, Director, India

Achieving excellence remains a huge challenge for Indians. However excellence can be achieved if we are ready to unlearn. For Indians worldwide who would like to achieve excellence, there are five important points to unlearn.

Indians are forced to live a mediocre life. They are doing small work, they rear small dreams and they aspire small goals. Achieving excellence is far from their vision. We all know this but we are unable to find the reasons for this. And we are unable to pinpoint reasons, how can we find solutions?
One bronze medal by Gagan Narang in London Olympics is made headlines by all TV channels, news paper wrote the event on front page, I am forced to think of ‘starvation of excellence’ in the country which got freedom more than sixty years back. Achieving excellence remains a challenge with Indians whether they are in India or abroad.
In general, Indians are struggling to be relevant in 21st century across the world. The question of irrelevance is so high that if someone appears in the news in West for any reasons, he or she becomes a celebrity back home. Guys who come back to do movie, business or academics, he or she is bound to get success. Katrina Kaif is a typical example who came from England and became successful. Priyanka Chopra is the other example who came back to India to be Miss India and then Miss World.
There are some serious teaching problems in our children in India which does not allow them to achieve excellence. Subsequent environment in professional life does not allow people to excel because of some reason. After recent interactions with different people at various seminars, institutions and meetings, I could list out the 5 things we as Indians are unable to forget. We spend too much time in talking and thinking about them. Opportunities are missing, time is running out and we are failing.
Indians must unlearn five things immediately to be relevant in 21st century:

1. Gandhi – We have read too much about Gandhi. From class one to college, and then professional life, Gandhi has overshadowed all our thinking. You go to any public seminar; people talk about Gandhi, take examples of Gandhi and quote Gandhi. There is too much Gandhi in our life. You may be pro Gandhi or against Gandhi, you may be pro Congress or against Congress, you may be pro-BJP or against BJP, you are talking too much about Gandhi while we should talk about computers, mobile, South Korea, Obama and Hillary Clinton. Unlearn Gandhi will save our time and energy. Unlearn Gandhi will give time to excel.

2. Caste – Caste has become synonymous with Indians. I doubt if there could be.001% Indians who is not a castists. Consciously or unconsciously, all Indian think, act and react as per their integral caste system in their brain. They think as per caste system, they talk as per caste system; they plan and execute their plan and strategies keeping the caste system in mind. These must go. We should not meet people of same caste. We should not join hands with the people of same caste. We should avoid having any interaction with same caste people. We should not make “Friend” in Facebook from the same caste.

3. Communism/socialism – In 1979, China accepted capitalism openly, opened market to the world. The growth of China for last few decades is a history we all know but our attachment towards communism has not vanished. Indians are too much inclined towards Russia and communism even after the collapse of Russia for more than 20 years. From core of our heart, most Indians feel that communism can remove poverty or poor from this land which is a myth. Communism has failed and this is not a solution for development of society. We must unlearn this. If we unlearn communism, then we can appreciate capitalism and make use of capitalism for the benefit of self and society.

4. Present form of Governance – In all the developing nations and poor nation, either we have pseudo democracy or dictatorship. India, Burma, North Korea or Syria, all these nations are poor because of poor governance. We must unlearn these forms of governance then only we can think of new governance which may bring prosperity. Present form of Governance in India is forcing the nation to have a unelected Prime Minister for so long time that it makes mockery of democracy. We need to unlearn present form of governance and try to change constitutions to ensure elected President and elected Prime Minister. These high appointees must be elected by people directly rather than by elected representatives. Unlearning outdated governance system is must to understand and grab the emerging opportunities of the world today.

5. Cold war era – Cold war ended as Republic of Russia collapsed in 1990s. Cold war ended. We witnessed 2001 when twin tower came down. We saw the removal of Saddam and death of Osama. Today world is governed and ruled by one nation and that is USA with the help of other Western Nations like Europe and UK. USA dominates technically, socially and economically. In the years to come, things are not going to change. We the people from poor nations have no option other than follow the leader, copy or get governed by the power of USA. We must unlearn cold war era. We must unlearn that Russia is a powerful nation. It will help us to understand this world and go ahead. We must unlearn cold war era to appreciate and grab the opportunities of new world.
Unlearning is difficult and cumbersome especially when the guidelines are not clear. We all need to take initiatives to unlearn to make our life better. We must start unlearning and avoid being influenced by these outdated five topics. We must unlearn to be relevant and be successful.

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