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Total Respect Management
Peter Blokland, Consultant, Belgium

Total Respect Management is doing the right things right for the right reasons. It's a strategy, a method and a philosophy, built on leadership, (risk)management and excellence

Total Respect Management (TR³M™) is a systemic approach, covering every aspect of managing and governing enterprises or organisations. Systemic is not the same as systematic! Systematic, orderly and analytical thinking, builds on the logical sequence of cause and effect in an isolated situation. A systematic approach leads to conclusions as a result of obvious sequences of events. Systemic thinking or systems thinking on the contrary considers the whole system, maps the interaction of the perceived system elements involved and subsequently analyses what effects these interactions and possible delays can impose on the whole system.

A systemic approach looks for as many elements as possible which have an influence on the situation. Then it studies the delays, the limiting factors and their effects, which are inherent to the system. Finally it explores which interaction exists between elements and factors.

Hence, it is possible to analyse the whole system and look for those items which allow to reach an optimum balance between effort and results. Next, one can influence those elements which have a maximum effect on the system and a minimum overall cost. A systemic way of dealing with reality is looking at the big picture first. It requires much more data and a much wider view on what is happening.

Most of the time one person is not enough to handle the amount of required data, feedback and information to get the picture right. It involves teamwork and trust between people to get as close as possible to the truth. It demands a high quality of perception. This is only feasible when people respect each other, as respect is an essential foundation for bestowing trust upon people and without trust, information will not flow and the quality of perception will be low.

Respect comes from the Latin word respicere and means to look again or have a better look at something. For TR³M, respect means having a better look at things and a positive and dedicated attention for someone or something. It means one is truly interested in the subject and interceding with positive intentions. Respecting people, profit and the planet is what Total Respect Management is really about.

Respecting people, implies that one has to respect him or herself first. Self respect and self leadership are the starting point in Total Respect Management. For any organisation, Respect and Leadership are the initial focus and first step to take.
Self leadership is a highly sought after characteristic when hiring new employees. It is a necessary quality and it can be developed. It means that one is able to determine goals, to decide and to take action. It is paramount, to develop the required leadership skills at all levels of an organisation when applying TR³M. Because at each level of the organisation people will need the skills to set goals, to decide and to take action. Thus, Leadership is the first component of the TR³M method and it is critical to its success.

Establishing goals, will allow to determine the risks involved. With the right focus and tools available, managers can enhance their quality of perception on the issues involved. Respected co-workers are able and will contribute in this process, and as a consequence, risks can be optimised for maximum success and benefit. This is the second component of the method. Leadership and risk management will allow management and co-workers to choose inspiring objectives, optimise the risks involved and increase the profit.

Taking risks is the positive action that will bring the positive results, the possible gain in the process. On the other hand the risks run are the costs and worse, the losses one encounters when taking or refraining from action. The net result is added value. Therefore, managing risks is the prime factor to increase this value!

Moreover, when leadership and management are ways to respect people and profit, excellence is the way to respect the planet, because sustainability is a component and a result of excellence. As we see it, a certain lack of respect and understanding in past centuries is at the origin of a lot of present problems. Due to a lower quality of perception, the quick wins in the past, discounting the risks run on the human and environmental level, led to the unsustainable situation of today. Something has to be done about it as soon as possible and feasible, since in solving problems it is always a matter of “pay me now or pay me later”, later always being the more expensive choice.

Therefore, the final yardstick for sustainable success is excellence. Each goal involves risks and finally brings results. These results can be analysed and scored against specific characteristics of excellence. It is the feedback you need to see whether improvements are effective and going in the right direction. TR³M considers seven characteristics of excellence that can be attributed to any product(ion) or service. These seven elements are: quality, effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, safety (including security), ergonomics and ecology, where the latter three factors are the ones that influence sustainability most. These intrinsic values are the prime KPI’s and KRI’s to be considered, because they will indicate the performance of (risk)management and sustainability. These values will determine results in the long run.

TR³M aims to be a model, a method, a strategy, a systemic approach, which manages complexity and brings solutions that are successful, with a higher profit, increased sustainability and reduced overall cost as a result. This is needed to create the value which is required to discontinue the downward spiral our environment and economies are experiencing today.

Organisations, enterprises, companies, are all complex systems, operating in a complex environment. They obviously need a systemic approach to get optimum results. The ultimate purpose of TR³M is to create and inspire wealthy conscious contributing companies that deliberately add increased value to the world in a sustainable way, contributing freely to society. It is a way to repay past debts and move forward.

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