Side effects of unlearning

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Side effects of unlearning
KK Verma, Member, Director, India

Unlearning is a new way of learning. But while unlearning, we are bound to commit mistakes, we are bound to fail but we have to go on. Here a list of side effects of unlearning have been prepared so that obvious dangers can be avoided.

Medicine is an integral part of life. But most of these medicines come with some side effects. Similarly solutions in life also do not come without side effects. If you try to solve some problems, there are the possibilities that new problems may arise. So, when we take risk of unlearning, how could it be without side effects? Unlearning is a difficult exercise and it may not be easy to implement. It may be presently free of cost but it is not free of side effects. Unlearning solves many issues but give rise to few unwanted effects.

Today learning may be at peak and every other guy wants admission in college, all parents want their children to be in good school/college and learning, everybody wants to learn but think of few decades back, people were apprehensive of learning. If you try to remember, your two generations back, parents were afraid to send their children to school because they felt that children will be spoiled by the education or so called western education (unfortunately many feel the same even today including Muslims and people from Arab world). But in due course of time and few generations after, learning became usual and people started learning without much apprehension. People started spending lot of money to learn and be ahead in spite of those apprehensions. The side effects coming along with learning or western education became negligible compared to positive outcomes. Advantages of learning overcame the side effects of learning.

Today, unlearning could be in similar bracket what learning was at around 100 years back. People have not much knowledge about unlearning. There are not many books, material or information available for unlearning. As it has not become a part of course curriculum, there is no case study. There is no statistics or data available about unlearner or unlearning. Nobody knows what is it all about and what are its repercussions. Presently, fear and side effects of unlearning dominate.

As founder of “unlearning concepts”, “unlearning courses” and “unlearning projects” and above all “unlearning theory”, I have done various case studies, conducted workshops and lectures so know a bit of opinions and comments of people about unlearning. I am happy that I have written two books on unlearning for the people to understand this concept and make use of it. As per my experience with the people so far I feel that advantages of unlearning will soon overcome negative outcomes.

In my books and various blogs written by me I have listed unlearning lessons developed by me and I have also listed the factors to unlearn and so on. I am not only a preacher or educator of this concept called unlearning but I am a thorough implementer. I have implemented unlearning projects. I do unlearning on almost daily basis. Today I feel that it is high time to write about the side effect of unlearning.

As unlearning is picking up and may become famous sooner than we all expect, it is important to know that the side effects of unlearning are too many and at times could be very risky. It is important for all of us to understand the effects of unlearning so that its negative impact could be minimized. Few major side effects are as follow-

1. It is risky – Unlearning is very dangerous and at times it could be fatal, means deadly. Nikita started unlearning while in college. To achieve her professional excellence, she moved to USA leaving behind her family. Her other family members younger brothers and sisters became directionless and could not do well in their studies. Mother died of cancer and father remarried. In few years time, father died too because of heart attack. Property dispute spoiled the life of all younger brothers and sisters. Family of Nikita, who tried to unlearn, got shattered. It happened because of lack of proper care. Similar things happened to other guy Ajit who moved to Canada for higher studies. His mother died of cancer without any treatment. And Naresh story was not different either, his father died without any care and medical treatment in a small town while he continued working in USA. He could only console other family members after death rituals of his father because he had enough money. Individual’s growths remain limited in such hostile and helpless family environment. Unlearning costs dearly if not managed properly and all loose ends are not tied properly.
2. It is lucrative so needs balance – As it is cost effective and requires much less resources than learning, it could be at times lucrative. One must be aware about its consequences and keep noticing its impact on life. Avoid committing mistakes like Nikita, Ajit and Naresh did. While unlearning, they should have taken care of their family back home. They should have shouldered the responsibilities of younger brothers, sisters and ailing parents. Unfortunately, they were too obsessed about unlearning and never tried to keep a balance. At various stages, we must stop for a while and think, where unlearning is taking us? Just do not go on its lucrative-ness. Think if there is genuine need and unlearn within control.
3. It makes people irresponsible and rude – Generally learning had similar problems so parents around 100 years back never wanted their children to go to school may be that’s how Dhirubhai has to remain uneducated. Many brilliant children go to USA for higher studies and remain there. They never feel the responsibility to look after their parents, society or nation. Learning makes them irresponsible, selfish and rude. Similarly many people do not go for unlearning and do not want to go for unlearning because they think that unlearning will make individual irresponsible and rude. While many parents are desperate to send their children to USA, UK or other developed nation, so many others are cautious and hesitant. One has to be cautious to avoid such irresponsible behavior. Balanced unlearning will take people far and they will be very successful and contented in life and will have peace of mind. Balanced unlearning will make unlearning popular and benefit the society.
4. It hampers growth of society – Like learning produced slaves, workers and employees killing the creative side of individual, there is a possibility that unlearning can also stop your creative and innovative nature and thus hampering one’s growth. So one must be cautious. The concept of bonded labor reached peak when privileged people got education and became wise. They could make other uneducated people bonded labor and severe exploitation took place. Similarly, unlearning has the possibility to make those, not so unlearned, people as slaves, workers and deprived individuals. Growth of society will be hampered if no proper care is taken. Society lacks the growth what it deserves. India is a typical example of this unlearned apathy. Today many Indians who migrated to USA may be rich and privileged but their contribution towards the Indian governance remain negligible. Indian society suffers.
5. Leave many underprivileged and poor – When you unlearn, you are bound to leave many people around you behind. They become underprivileged and remain deprived and poor. As a civilized unlearner, you are supposed to look after them and their interest in your own way. You are responsible to behave like a real leader and help others to come out of their ignorant state. You cannot leave your parents to die of heart attack or cancer. You cannot let them live a miserable life as a caretaker of your ancestral property. There is no reason why when A P J Abdul Kalam stayed in President’s house, her mother is forced to live a miserable life in a small village in Tamil Nadu. This is not human. They equally deserve the benefits of unlearning, as much as you deserve because it is their foresight which allowed you to start unlearning and travel uncharted distances.
6. Existing relationship and available social status vanish – As you unlearn and move ahead, you are bound to lose relationships because they remain behind. In new environment, you must keep building new relationships and keep forming social status to keep unlearning. Suppose you unlearn caste system, you are bound to lose all the existing relationships one by one and may not be able to claim social status based on caste system so one has to learn the new relationships and new status based on profession or passion. Otherwise unlearning may not be sustainable and may not take you far.

Hope these famous six side effects will prevent us from getting in dangerous side effects of unlearning. Be cautious and become good unlearner.

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