New theory on Ontology of Human Thinking : An example of Disruptive Thinking

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New theory on Ontology of Human Thinking : An example of Disruptive Thinking
Chu S. Yong, Member, Professor, Brazil

New Theory of Cognition with Epistemological Model of Human Thinking-Feeling-Willing under Self-Awareness of Human Conscience.

New theory on Ontology of Human Thinking : An example of Disruptive Thinking

The picture is an example of Disruptive Thinking based on an Intersection of Knowledges Method which is based on a new Epistemological Model of Thinking.
The picture is a Tacit Knowledge expressed in Explicit mode. This EMT is a new Theory on how Human Being can develop a new structured way of thinking, making possible the creation of new knowledge including disruptive innovation Thinking.
Human Being ontology (and gnosiology) are based on:
1. Theosophy and Anthroposophy Models (Alice Bailey, RSteiner, Prokofieff,...)
2. Chinese Philosophers (LaoTzu, Confúcio, Buddha Sakiamuni,...)
3. Quantum Physics Model, as primary or principal models.
This new theory recommend both Ontological and Gnosiological approaches added to the usual Epistemological or Scientific approach to Phenomenological of Pure Thinkings, Feelings, and Volitional positionings in Working Consciousness . Of course that explanations and concepts must be "better" expressed. The picture has the only objective of giving a flavor about this new Epistemological Theory, which evolve or can be applied to all specific Natural and Human Sciences of today.

Any person that doesn´t understand this Theory, I suggest to send me message. I can explain better...
Special hint: The main activation and infusion (Trans-infusion) is made on etheric HeartChakra, then the other Chakras...for imagination, inspiration, intuition, logical thinking, divergent thinking, convergent thinking, etc...It means Heart Thinking...Willing .
Or get into site where I expose courses already done and next...just send me invitations...!!!
All support of Antroposophical Society (Rudolf Steiner) - SAB in Brazil.

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