New Theory of Human Cognition (Knowledge)

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New Theory of Human Cognition (Knowledge)
Chu S. Yong, Professor, Brazil

Synthetic Transdisciplinary Thinking and its benefits.

Summary: This is a new Theory of Human Cognition via triad Gnosiology Ontology and Epistemology brought as Transdisciplinary ex-ante the zero point at phenomenological thinking, or at pure thinking as Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition. In Ontology we have focus on Theosophy and Anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner and Prokofieff, in Gnosiology we share ideas of Plato, Kant and Hegel, and TAO from LaoTzu and Confúcio, and in Epistemology we have the classical Science enlarged by Popper & Eccles ideas, together with Quantum Physics.
Follow benefits (not exhaustive) of the Innovative Method of Professor Chu (Universal Model of Feeling-Thinking and Willing) specific for Innovation and Tacit Knowledge Management and the use of the Software Method: MetaCognitive Software OET ® (Tacit Epistemological Operator):

1. Increases intuitive abilities in business and relationships with greater assertiveness
2. Increases the ability to see and perceive more
3. Allows more possibilities in the construction of scenarios
4. Encourages Innovation in Org.Culture and Sustains Organizational Culture in Innovation
5. Promotes the Development of Open Innovation (Open Innovation)
6. Promotes the view of the Whole (incluse in R & D). Holism.
7. Allows the mapping of all the movements of competitors
8. Allows mapping, planning and development of Intellectual Capital in the Organization
9. Provides the development of Creativity Maps.
10. Allows you to Diagnosis and Management of Organizational Culture in Innovation
11. Facilitates the development of high performance teams in Innovation
12. Enables the construction of Innovation Maps at crisis times
13. Allows Wide and Collective View of new business opportunities and markets
14. Promotes working cohesion between groups: Executive, Managerial and Operational
15. Fosters sharing of Knowledge in innovation and other types of Knowledge
16. Develop the cognitive capacity of synthesis
17. Increase cognitive flexibility
18. Allows the perception of alternatives in decision making
19. Makes Thinking visible without losing previous ideas
20. Facilitates the registration of Creative thoughts when they arise, ensuring the improvement of Intellectual Capital in Innovation.
21. Allows you to align the Innovation goals to Organizational Strategies
22. Organizes and structures the mental processes of decision-makers
23. Acquisition of Tacit Knowledge faster and with higher quality
24. Translate Tacit to Explicit Knowledge faster and with higher quality
25. Expresses greater significance for Strategic Management via Knowledge
26. Allows sharing of Knowledge-Cognition within organization
27. Powers and expresses competitive intelligence, collaborative and associative
28. Allows governance of complex systems and organizations
29. Accelerates the individual and collective learning in organizations
30. Increases mental training in creativity and innovation
31. Develop greater flexibility in the activities of cognition
32. Acquisition of Archetypal Intelligence of Organizational Strategy and Management
33. Phenomenological View sharper and more readiness to response
34. Significant increases in individual and collective intelligence of organizations and nations
35. Produces tangible results in Tacit Knowledge Management
36. Produces concrete results in Innovation Management
37. Produces concrete results in Mental Models to Organizational Strategy Management
38. Allows you to analyze and break the paradigm Think-Feel-Willing according phenomena
39. Allows you to improve Collective Intelligence
40. Allows you to improve Learning and Collective Innovation
41. Provides support in Knowledge Sharing in specific social networks
42. Other ...

To reach concret business results we mention the formulation of Winning Strategies and Management, aimed at achieving the Mission and Values of the Organizations and its Employees. This achievement is a natural consequence of the development of Collective Intelligence and Geniality of the Organization.

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