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Leave your Comfort Zone
Arnold Collado, Professor, Philippines

Only mediocre people can't sacrifice their comfort zone.

A person of wisdom welcomes failure. Because only when he fails, he learns how to get up and learn the lessons from failures. Only then, self discovery is effective.
A person used to be spoon fed will never learn how to use his hands.
A person who has never been in the dark will never appreciate the benefits of the light.
A person who thinks he knows everything does not even know himself.
Therefore I say to you: don't be contended to be called an intelligent man, for your intelligence is only good up to the input you have had in your mind!

I say unto you "Leave your comfort zone".

Process of change is never comfortable. Not all things read are true. What is true to the writer may not be true to other readers. this is what we call relative truth. Relative truth is half truth. it leads to interpretations. interpretation does not lead to understanding, rather, interpretation leads to unending arguments and worst it may lead to heated arguments sometimes even WAR.

One cannot make the judgment by looking at one side of the coin. Inscriptions in it is not even enough to make conclusions. The real value of the coin cannot even be judged by its purchasing power. There are even a lot more. Only when one has seen the immaterial worth of what has been purchased that the wisdom of the coin is uncovered.

Religions give a lot of interpretations. Look back! Great wars were initiated by irrational beliefs. One claims to be the truth prompting him to make false judgment on others.

Leave your comfort zone! Why don't believers come together and thresh out what makes the difference. Psychologists and Human Behavior advocates commit to manage individual differences. For them, differences is inevitable; differences is something beautiful,

There are different colors that makes the environment non-monotonous and beautiful.

This is different from beliefs. Shared beliefs form culture. Different cultures emanate from different beliefs. Different cultures lead to wars.

Is this comfortable?

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