Change Around Leadership Responsibilities

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Change Around Leadership Responsibilities
Bill Boynton, Member, Teacher, United States

The core for change is true.

We need to realize that "Leadership" is a learned discipline, so it is imperative that we find ways and/or methods to take the discipline through all levels of our society.
We need to begin our approach within the academia community, reaching all levels of student learning activities, as well as society as a whole.
We have in front of us a critical challenge that addresses all facets of society to put some real emphasis on addressing change around Leadership / Followership responsibilities.
The very core of "Leadership" begins with Influence, and the ability to build and establish relationships that align with the better good of all society. br>
This influence begins by building a relationship within ourselves first, it is very difficult we can be comfortable with others until we are comfortable within ourselves.
We need to feel good about ourselves, and have confidence that we are able to continue to learn and grow.
We have many subjects within our academia community that address "Management" topics but little or none that address true "Leadership" concepts.
Our gradually dysfunctional society has seemed to develop a belief that says "anything we can get away with, is acceptable behavior" dragging us continuously downward in our dysfunctional spiral path.
Leadership is at the core for a positive change of this trend, and begins with us as individuals.
I beleive it all begins with the six "I's", a deeper look into ourselves first, to understand what makes us tick and might be available for change.
We need to look into the mirror look deep into inside ourselves, self analyze, ask ourselves some difficult questions.
The "I" I am-
The "I" I wish I were-
The "I" I am perceived to be-
The "I" I wish I were perceived to be-
The"I" I can be-
The "I" I will be-
Now comes the commitment to self, to realize and become excited about opportunities, to continue to grow and learn and become all that we want and need to be the :Self fulfilling persons."
By the way, if we substitute the word "I" for "We" in these various steps, we can address any group of people, a team, an organization, Institution, any function made up of people.
There is no age or time limit for this approach for change to occur, there is a quotation that says, "It is not so much where we are, as in what direction we are moving."
The challenge here is do "We"/ "I" have the courage and initiative to begin this process for the very core of real change?
A good place to start could be to, just look in the "Mirror."
We just might finally reach the approach for where our word is our bond and when we shake hands a commitment is made.

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