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Do nature follow theory of X and Y management
Dr S Ranganathan, Member, Director, India

When a scientific study of nature is done, one would absolutely get to know how precisely and amazingly nature has done its creation and how astute the management insight nature had used or followed in such creation. It is not just different species have been created but the creative intelligence or ingenuity has gone far beyond creation.
The fundamental truth mankind is yet to understand is about the management principle applied/used by the nature in creating different biological species. It is not mere biology or theory of evolution or law of genetics or heredity or biochemistry or physiology or any other process makes the nature to function smoothly, but only the management concepts imbedded in and with the creation only make diverse life possible in the planet.
We all know that every life show passion and struggle to survive and similarly also every life has the required competency and intelligence to survive successfully in the planet.
If we decipher or decode the above biologic aspect, we will able to understand that the creation of all the life forms on earth is made only on the matrix of the ‘theory of X’ and ‘theory of Y’ well described in the corporate management.
The theory of X states that employees in general are lazy and hence they need to be monitored and regularly instructed about their responsibility. To follow the above law only, many corporate has several hierarchy systems, target plans, assessments systems etc. for employees.
The theory of Y states that employees in general are very capable and ambitious and if a best environment is provided, they perform the best. Only to support the above law, HR in many organizations perpetuates good HR culture.
Every life on earth will go lazy and indifferent if they do not suffer from the existential necessity of hunger. The feeling of hunger or food need alone makes every life form including humans to work or hunt or search. Imagine, if the hunger could be settled easily means, none of the living creatures would have to work hard for it or in other words, would go lazy and crazy.
Like how constant monitoring or intervention is needed for every employee, the instinct of food need or hunger constantly motivates the life to move forward. Nature has made its creation only with the theory of ‘X’ in its mind.
Every living creature is very ambitious to survive. They also have the capability to fulfill or meet their ambition. The nature has provided the best ecosystem to every life and also has given the best talents or strength or capability to achieve their goal. Even for a single celled microbe also, the survival capability is very high. Nature has provided the best and the worst along with the wisdom of choosing the best or the worst. Had nature not been aware of the ‘theory of Y’, such facilitation will not have been possible in its creation.
Nature is the best management school ever one can find in the universe. Do not fail to have your education from nature despite your wish of being a business graduate or not.

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