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Review of: The Invisible Spotlight: Why Managers Can't Hide
Maggie Jahn, Member, Business Consultant, United States

In their unusually engaging new book, The Invisible Spotlight: Why Managers Can't Hide, Craig Wasserman and Doug Katz reveal just how closely and constantly every manager's conduct is scrutinized by employees. In a manager's day-to-day words and deeds, employees find guideposts to success. And yet most managers are oblivious to this reality.
According to Katz, “Managing isn’t a matter of implementing ‘breakthrough’ programs or wearing a management ‘style’ the way we wear a tee-shirt. Managing actually happens in fleeting exchanges with employees under an unseen spotlight. Sometimes these moments are dramatic, sometimes prosaic. They always have an impact far greater than most managers realize. These seemingly pedestrian moments can inspire or disenfranchise an employee in profound and lasting ways."
Written in a conversational style free of jargon and arcane theory, the book features stories direct from the trenches about success and misadventure in the invisible spotlight. Each story acts like a mirror, reflecting the reader’s own management challenges. The authors’ goal is to help managers think realistically and intelligently about their own day-to-day conduct as "management relationship architects." They underscore that a deliberate, self-reflective approach separates outstanding managers from the pack.

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