How our acts and minds create our reality...

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How our acts and minds create our reality...
F.H.J. Janssen, Consultant, Netherlands

How our acts and minds create our reality... And how we can change it.

95% of what we do is affected by our sub-conscience. Even if we perform a ' rational ' act, we are guided by our deeply entrenched opinions, views and experiences. The way in which we think is strongly influenced by all that already exists in our heads. A proverb is: “Change your thinking and the world will change”.
Often, the cause what happens to us is considered to come from the outside (externalized). A clear view of everything that contributed to the situation in which you are today is often far away. Every single time there are several options to choose from. Each choice affects the outcome. A sincere 'open mind' asks consciousness, anchors in this moment, today. If we truly are “aware”, only then we can really choose and are we able to assess the options on their true potential.
It requires a different kind of view and attitude in relation to all the changes and movements around us and within our organizations. It also offers us an excellent opportunity to differentiate and rise to the occasion and above ourselves.

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