Describing a Quality Human Resource: Maturation

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Describing a Quality Human Resource: Maturation
Anyebe, Peter, Member, HR Consultant, Nigeria

Maturation follows six-sigma to describe the quality human resource in quantitative terms, according to their entropy contribution.

The maturity of a manufacturing process has been described by a
sigma rating
indicating its yield, or the percentage of defect-free products it
A six sigma process is one in which
99.99966% of the products manufactured
are statistically expected to be free of defects. This works out to only
3.4 defects per million.
Equivalently, growth in the people value, C
involves the shift from

a five, 5 sensory to a multi – sensory nature; which is operationalized
in the
migration from the preoccupation with appearances ,
to the perception
of essentials . Then maturation
is when the person is able to
identify four, 4 of the five, 5 essential components of phenomena, as
required by
the perception model of mind, PMM . This is
associated with a 98% power,
for Po = 0.98 , in the personality; which is
available for the response to
phenomena, RES
. This works out to a C-Score
of 1.05 ,
and ROI of 41 . In principle
therefore, a person that operates at
this level would be able to make 41 times the
investment made on them.
This is however subject to the value of the business environment,
which is incorporated by equating RES to
RGT in the model.
For RES = RGT , the response, RES
to stimuli would be
right, RGT every time.
RES = (1 – S) / (%CWk/100)

RGT = (%CNd / 100) / S
%CWk = 100(CWk /

%CNd = 100(CNd /

= LogC/Log(1/S)
= 1 – 1/3 S,
Response Index
Appropriateness of Response

CNd =
Need Index
CWk =
Index of Work
S =
Index of Soul

C’ =
Index of Consciousness
C =
Character Index

By these relationships, for RES = RGT, it is
sufficient that the person is
consistent, at their level of operation. Although the
Po-Score may approximate
the 98% point as an indication of consistency, the
C-Score would reflect
the actual performance. And the ROI would derive from
this score.

The Po-Score is derived on the need
profile model

which’s input is the factor-F or HPRQ, F . See the
accompanied chart as insert photo.

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