Unconventional Marketing ideas..

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Unconventional Marketing ideas..
Sujeet James Sarwan, Member, Training Head, India

These will allow Us , and our organization, to continue to ring the cash register, regardless of how our environments change.

Keep foremost in mind that the single most important ingredient for a successful business is having a customer. A customer is more important than the business idea, the technology, financing, management, or anything else. The long definition of marketing is the profitable identification, attraction, getting, and keeping of customers. The short definition of marketing is the profitable getting and keeping of customers. Think and plan in terms of Personal selling is a “get”. Customer service and product quality are “keeps”. Customers buy for only two reasons: to feel good or to solve a problem. They value feeling good in intangible terms such as status, security, or taste. A problem is either the avoidance of loss, or the potential for gain. So make people feel good, and give them a solution equal to or greater than your price, and you will sell all you make. Companies do marketing as their top management does marketing. If the president spends all day in meetings so does everyone else. If the bosses continually make customer calls, everyone else will. If the president doesn’t roll the dice on innovation and new products, the people in the company know they are not supposed to change. Customers are who buy; products are what they buy; and applications (usage benefits) are why they buy. Consequently, every marketing strategy and marketing program must consider all three elements. Everybody, in every organization, should always be thinking how they can help get and keep customers. This includes people greeters, credit checkers, debt collectors, truck loaders, phone answerers, product makers, and presidents. People don’t buy products. They buy the benefits they get from the product. People don’t buy drills, they buy warm cozy rooms. A selling question is “Why don’t you consider giving this a try?” A good way to organize customers for marketing direction is to group them as “aware users”, “aware non-users”, and “unaware”. A good use of time is to ask the “aware users” why they bought, and to ask the “aware non-users” why they did not. Then wrap the answers into strategies to keep the aware users, switch the aware non-users, and attract and get the unawares. Product quality is a marketing responsibility. Salespeople will greatly increase their sales if they do two things: (a) always show the customer the value of their product’s benefits over the usage life of the product; and (b) on every sales call, ask for the order, or for a commitment to an action that leads directly to an order. Companies can immeasurably increase their sales if they train their sales force how to preplan a sales call; how to craft and ask questions, including asking for commitments; and how to listen to the customer after each question is asked. What’s the difference between sales and marketing? Marketing’s job is to show salespeople where to walk; sales management’s job is to be sure the salespeople walk. (Then hire salespeople who run.) Always put your brand name in your ad headline. This ensures that when a customer sees an ad he or she has already read that at least the brand will be reinforced. The word “We” as a substitute for your brand name or company name in your ad headline. “We” is one of the weakest words in advertising (and selling).Don’t use it. Don’t put your telephone number on your trucks. Put your town name on your trucks. The only time people write down the number on your truck is when the driver has run them off the road. Give them the town so they can find you in the phone book. Put the importance on the bright idea, not on the source of the idea. If a marketing idea is important, then every single detail in the execution of that idea is important. The customers will favour those products that offer the most quality, performance, and features. Management in product –oriented organizations concentrates on making good products and improving them over the time.

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