Value Is The Ultimate Result of Human Efforts.

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Value Is The Ultimate Result of Human Efforts.
Hassanali Rassouli, Member, Consultant, Iran

Value is the ultimate result of human efforts. This concept can be considered for all living creatures, even vegetation. Living creatures add value to the world by using and directing natural and environmental changes toward a more valuable world. Small seed turns into plants and generate more seeds. These seeds can potentially turn into more plants and this cycle continues until some sort of natural balanced coexistence appears between different living creatures and vegetation in the form of ecosystems. This way we have our valuable, or better say invaluable, natural resources.
Human beings in addition to the natural way of adding value to the world as a living creature consciously create and add more value to the world by making and working individually and socially.
Discoveries and Inventions leading to new technologies and products are the main source of values added to the world. Unfortunately nowadays some technologies and products are disturbing the natural balanced coexistence between living creatures. However, this is a problem to be solved by new discoveries and inventions and does not discredit the main subject, but raise some questions such as:
• Is value of phenomena and things we see around us the same for every one of us?
• Is value a perception or a fact independent of individual’s mind?
• Is there a common mean to determine and measure value?
To answer these questions, first we have to understand what the value actually is.
Looking up for the word value in different dictionaries, as far as I could find, lead to more than eighteen different apparent meanings, especially from different philosophical, ethical, social, economical, scientific and mathematical point of views. All those meanings can be summarized as: “quality of being desirable or useful”.
Having above definition in mind, we can try to find answers for those questions.
Is value of phenomena and things we see around us the same for every one of us?
Definitely not, since any phenomena or thing we see around us does not have the same desirability or usefulness for any of us.
Desirability or usefulness varies according to time and place of one’s needs or necessities, whatever is considered desirable or useful today, might not have the same desirability or usefulness tomorrow.
Is value a perception or a fact independent of individual’s mind?
As far as the value concerns the desirability of something, it might be a perceptional matter, but if it relates to usefulness of something it might be a factual matter independent of any individual mind. Because desirability depends on the actual state of mind impacted by different mental, ethical, cultural, and social factors, but usefulness can be the same for many people.
Is there a common mean to determine and measure value?
Value is usually determined and traded by whatever one is ready to do or pay to gain and maintain it. This way it is obvious that value of something is actually determined by whoever desires to gain it. But, when value is exchanged in a trade action there should be a common mean to measure it. This common mean is what we know as money.
Hereby another question is raised: can value always and in any case, especially in mathematical, philosophical or ethical cases, be measured by money?
The answer simply is “no”. In mathematics value is a quantitative figure assigned to a variable or returned by a mathematical function. Mathematical values may be in term of money units like dollar ($), euro (€), pound (£), etc. if a financial or economic function is involved. Philosophical or ethical values explicitly define degrees of importance in non-quantitative terms. Moral values is not usually negotiable, but sometimes some people under temptation to satisfy some mental or sensual need or under sever undesirable conditions to save some other things like their life, family member or wealth may ignore them.
All in all, value is something that everybody pays for to gain it and/or maintain it. Payments are not always done in term of money, although this is the common way of paying. Some people pay for the value they want to gain or maintain by their efforts and devotions, for instance a scientist or inventor cannot turn an innovative idea into a valuable reality without devoting knowledge, time and effort to it, or a patriot may sacrifice his/her soul and body to save his/her nation and national values. And finally value is whatever all of us according to our own perceptions and definitions of it are living for.

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