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Create Wisdom Domain
KK Verma, Member, Director, India

It is easy said than done - Unlearn Before U Learn. Once we think of unlearning, it is important that we understand the importance to create wisdom domain so that we can rely on wisdom during need to take decisions. In this article, I have tried to list out the impact of lack of wisdom and provided remedies to create wisdom domain from existing sources for better decision making.

It is easy to say that wisdom is available across the platform in society but in reality it is not so. wisdom is in scarce, it is evident that society, nations and even civilizations have not been forthright in taking correct decisions due to lack of wisdom. It happens because the non-availability of a wisdom domain. In the traditional domain of knowledge, we were depending on elders, our religious epics, religious gurus, or experts. But as social complexities increased many fold in the 21st century, we have become helpless. In new situation, we are forced to find a new wisdom domain. This is where the creation of wisdom domain comes in. This remains a big challenge for individuals who crave for growth. Can it be made available or can it be created?

Wisdom Limitations

Indian cinema and Indian politics are two very dominant mediums for common people. Especially if we talk about Indian cinema, the quality has hardly improved by any standard in last fifty-sixty years. The stories revolve around similar plots of a hero, heroin and villain. Even today no body garners courage to make a change. Every year, we make heroes, heroines, villains, directors, producers famous but the stories of Indian cinema remain the same. Decisions about the selection of channels, newspaper and magazines are one side of the story, but the serious issues are the decisions in our day to day life. How do we take them? I personally feel all these issues are correlated. Do we have a choice? It is my endeavour to bridge the gap between reality and requirements and provide critical and analytically solutions of these simple day-to-day problems which are affecting our life drastically.

How are decisions taken?

There are plenty of decisions which affect our lives. They affect drastically without making us realize the long term impacts. They are unimaginable. I doubt if somebody has ever tried to calculate the losses and gains of such decisions. As far as their outcomes are concerned, we are satisfied with remarks that these are the result of luck, fortune etc. There are many turning points in life. We hardly realize or think about them. They keep us away from real success. It may vary from a person to person or place to place; but, in general the following salient occasions can be listed, which contribute significantly for future results or future growth. The future depends on decisions made at these critical occasions.
Which school to study at the early stages of life?
What to study in school or college?
Where to go during summer vacations?
What to do in vacations?
Which college to go to?
Which company to join after changing jobs?
When to divorce wife or husband?
When to remarry and whom?
What to do after retirement?

There are plenty of turning points in life. As it varies from individual to individual and place to place, it cannot be the same for all. However, it is clear that the list is endless. But the question is - who advises us during these crucial decision-making moments? Who takes crucial decision at these turning points for which we suffer throughout our life? Forget about the decisions, which we take in life for the future. Can you ever overcome those problems, the things we get at birth? We must be clear about those privileges and disadvantages.

The place where we are born i.e. place of birth
The parents we get
The country we are born in
The religion we are born to
What colour we are
The society we get
The environment and support system we get
Whether we are born male or female
Whether we are born handicapped
Whether we are born tough or strong

There are a few major decisions which influence and impact the course of our lives. But how many of us believe that even daily decisions impact our future. How many of us realize that they are so vital? A variety of people exist around us, a variety of societies exist and a variety of opportunities and problems exists. There is so much variation in taste, accessibility and affordability. It is difficult and tricky to decide about day-to-day activities. It is complex to predict and plan. These decisions take our lives in particular direction without realization. They make us happy or sad. They provide us contentment or dissatisfaction. They generate confidence or make us confused. They provide hope and success. They cause fighting and dissent. They give us courage to move on to the next day. They make our tomorrows brighter. They give us a sense of achievement. These everyday decisions ensure comfortable existence and continuous growth.
When to get up in the morning?
Which aftershave, saving cream and shaving brush to use?
Which face cream to use?
How much make up is correct?
What should be the hairstyle?
What dress, shirt, trouser, shoes, salwar, sameez, briefs, vest, chunni, socks and so on?
Whether to wear shoe or sandals?
When to have breakfast?
Who should prepare the breakfast?
What time should we have dinner?
What and how much you should eat at dinner?
Whether you should have dinner with all the family members?
What should you read in the evening?
What is the best time for sex?
Whether you should read some sex books or see some video or not?
How much time you should give to your sexual needs?
What posters or photographs should be in the room?

There are thousands of such questions in everyday life of a human being. They are supposed to be resolved for real benefit. They are required to be handled effectively for a controlled life. Mostly, we live without bothering about all these decisions. We take these decisions consciously or unconsciously in our everyday life. The decisions make or break our lives. We need a wisdom domain for these decisions. The individual who is conscious of these decisions and able to resolve them, are in a better position to live a better life.

Create Wisdom Domain
It is not very difficult to create a domain in the conscious state. Once you get used to these privileges you will start enjoying and exploiting it for a better life. Following points are to be kept in mind to create wisdom domain to take future decisions-

1. Don't rely on old sources – At the current level of change, wisdom sources of the old level are irrelevant. We must become conscious not to use any of such sources for our future decisions. Old sources have not been able to achieve the desired growth for the last twenty centuries. Now because of the tremendous changes, it has become difficult for the old sources to have new wisdom. Old sources are not in a position to have the correct information.
2. Create expertise – In this information age, creating expertise is not limited to few elitist groups of people. There are plenty of on-line and off-line sources are available to provide the desired expertise. The advertisements through print media or Internet provide a significant source of wisdom. The Google, yahoo, Hotmail, Microsoft, etc are active to extend expertise. One just needs to be conscious of the wisdom requirements; the choice can be made to achieve the better result and peaceful life.
3. Have the courage to accept change – Wisdom involves innovation. Innovation demands courage. Without sufficient courage, it is next to impossible to accept change. A wisdom domain can be created through sustained change management. There is no joy without efforts. There is no pleasure without courage. You need to have courage to have pleasure. Wisdom comes through courage of individuals, societies and nations.
4. Believe on real data – Unconscious discrimination remains the biggest hurdle in the selection of correct data. A famous entrepreneur and legend of the IT industry of India, Narayana Murthy said, ‘I have God to rely, and you provide me with the correct data’. We can never generate futuristic wisdom unless we have accurate data in hand. You must ask for the data on which the abstract has been prepared.
5. Respect Time – Life does not give us the luxury to waste time here and there. We need to be focused to make our lives worthwhile. We should concentrate on the future need. We must remember whenever we are spending our time in doing one job, that we are not doing thousands of other jobs which could have been more fruitful, more satisfying and sufficiently futuristic.

For all different occasions as mentioned above, it is important that a wisdom domain is created. The source must be reliable and authentic. In case of necessity, it is important that help of these sources is taken. The exploitation of these sources will certify its usefulness. But, no domain should be taken for granted and must be verified. In the course of creating wisdom domains at various stages in life, one should be very dynamic. One should be ready to change the wisdom sources depending upon the enhancement of knowledge and status.

We must get used to the existing wisdom domain like newspapers, magazines, television, and FM channels. We must enjoy watching a global society through televisions or movies, especially English because the regional media are still stuck with old ideas. The right selection of newspapers, channels, movies will create sources of wisdom domain. We should use internet, surf the web, use e-mail, use social networking sites, view different websites of different companies and various people, and start traveling across the globe. You will find a difference in your life. You will be in a better position to live a happy life.

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