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Help others think their way from a job to a meaningful mission
Carlos Santayana, Director, United States

When we teach others to act with a conscious awareness of the meaning and importance of their work, we inspire excellence and professionalism and the profit and reputation will not be far behind.

When more businesspersons study business with the same earnest dedication that scientists and scholars dedicate to their respective crafts, you will see an improvement in the profitability and reputation of American corporations. If enough businesspersons embark on a self-directed program of lifelong learning, they will transform our entire culture. I am not just referring to maximizing short-term shareholder value, but rather to the creation of organizations that are sustainable and admirable from an ethical and cultural perspective. Companies will always strive to improve their profit and reputation but paradoxically, if they do this to this exclusion of other "soft goals", they will do irreparable damage to both their reputation and their profitability. Teaching people the significance and meaning of their own working lives is part of the role of a senior manager; too few executives see it that way.
Employees live up to expectation but our expectations are often too low. Even, no, especially the customer-facing employees need to be well versed not only on what they should do but also on why they should do it. Over time, organizations become the reflection of their leadership and if the leadership animates their own actions with candid explanations about their thoughts and intentions, it will breathe life into the whole organization.
It does not matter if you are collecting garbage or managing billion dollars portfolios, there is a logical and defensible why that you need to revisit with your every action. We need more thinking managers that know that tactical execution comes to life when those constructing the strategies can translate their strategies into living plans animated by meaning and importance. All our work can be significant. Join me in breathing life into your own work and help others understand the importance of the place they hold in their world.

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