Is the Conmon Sense the less conmon of senses?

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Is the Conmon Sense the less conmon of senses?
Henry Velasquez, Manager, Colombia

Many of the present management theories are only this, theories. In the middle of the path conmon sense going to dessapear slowly

It is simple. As we are more sophisticated building a management theory we are lost in a sea of concepts. So that there comes a time when the trees do not let us to see the forest. By now I have two examples: Reingeneering and Couching. I fo you look carefully you may find that neither of these two theories provide something new. It is simple to rename the simple theories we taught our grandparents and parents to perform well in our lives. Really it is so difficult to give modern face to ancient an natural theories. But is no necessary to take the traditional management way and change the words. The goal could be tot take same traditional theories and give them an intelligent use in our own lives

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