Entrepreneurial Biltzkrieg as Solution to High Unemployment

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Entrepreneurial Biltzkrieg as Solution to High Unemployment
Joseph Patrick Bulko, Member, Analyst, United States

My entrepreneurial blitzkrieg idea is a mechanism by which we can fund a massive number of new business ventures by tapping the financial power of Wall Street.

Read my article, "A Modest Proposal to Save the American Economy: Entrepreneurial Blitzkrieg as Job Creation Vehicle," published by Salem-News.com, which outlines a credible mechanism to spur new business creation on a massive scale for the purpose of addressing the nation's anticipated long-term high unemployment problem.

The plan introduces the concept of the Entrepreneurial Blitzkrieg, the only credible solution available to resolve the projected long-term high unemployment rate (8% to 10% indefinitely). The alternative, of course, is to wait (and wait and wait ... and wait) until the economy "heals" itself, and hope that all the lost jobs return.

These unemployment numbers represent millions and millions of largely forgotten people unable to earn a livelihood, support a family, or otherwise participate in the American Dream. This translates to lots of home foreclosures and folks moving back in with relatives to ride out the economic storm.

... AND they create a tremendous drag on the overall economy.

High unemployment means that more people are drawing on government financial support to cover subsistence needs and fewer people are providing tax dollars to keep government coffers solvent, thus exacerbating the ongoing problem of government deficits (and the painful cuts in services they necessitate).

The premise of the Entrepreneurial Blitzkrieg is the simultaneous creation of many many new business ventures to flood the economy with new jobs, new incomes, and new consumer spending - enough to accelerate the American economy's return to full employment.

The gasoline that fuels the Entrepreneurial Blitzkrieg is the venture-backed security (VBS), a new financial instrument based on pooling together many new business ventures into one large securitized investment bundle that minimizes entrepreneurial risk and maximizes investor returns.

Let's wave the American flag and commence to save the American economy and the fragile American Dream ... oh, say, can you see ...

Please read the "Modest Proposal" [click "More on this View" below] and contact me if you would like to participate in this process or discuss the matter further.

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