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Anthropology of Business
Rajan Johri, Other, India

Applications of behavioral science especially insights, constructs and methodology from Anthropology to Organization Development.

Change and Organization needs understanding and interventions from several perspectives. Interdisciplinary approach works best in this domain. My own 6 C Framework has yielded good results.

In brief, the 6C Framework is CONTEXT, COLLABORATIVENESS, COMPETENCY , COMPETITIVENESS, CHANGE AND CULTURE. I invite advice, suggestions, insights from practitioners to enrich the practice and explore newer applications. Currently, I am working on Competencies and Leadership in Organizations.

I also use storytelling as an important tool in development programs. One such story that I give participants to complete is reproduced below.
That morning was special. There was a damp earthy smell in the air. Chennai skyline had been washed fresh and blended seamlessly into the azure blue sky. For sure, the Cyclone had passed and life was looking up again!
As the huge plane lifted off into the air first rays of golden yellow filtered into the cockpit. Easing the plane into cruise mode TG pulled the picture of his young daughter from his pocket and mused “I need to be there for you, honey”. He was overwhelmed with a sense of accomplishment and pride as the Wireless crackled “Flight 7777 passing you over to Control Tower for next phase”. “Roger” said TG and lapsed into a meditative silence. “I know where am I heading, my digital dashboard tells me I am dot on target, my crew and my passengers are pleasantly with me… then why is it that I need to keep relating with ATC every now and then? After all it is my journey, my destination and my life……I know how to take care of it.” Equipped with tons of flying miles and an impeccable performance record, TG was confident and comfortable. He reminisced how he convinced his boss to let him off the super crew training and invested that time in adding more flying miles so that he can qualify for the Presidents Star Club. Little did TG realize that while he was in his reverie, tail wind had risen to a storm level, cloud formations were directly in his path and gusts of strong winds were pulling him off course.
“ Next Gen Airport Calling Flight 7777, please change course 45 degree west and increase speed to cross cloud formations in 15 minutes” spoke the Wireless. “Oh that is going to change my flight plan and the performance ratios” TG said to himself, “ I can handle the clouds headlong or drop speed till the wind drifts them away by the time I reach them”. For a brief second, he considered speaking with his crew but then brushed aside the thought “ I have no time for consultation” he spoke aloud.
Suddenly the big bird lurched and banked. Switching on the alert sign, TG braced himself as iced sleet of rain hit his windscreen.’’ Hmm….this is more than what I had imagined? The scene changes by the minute here.” Thinking of the lives he had on board, his family and the Airline Company he loved, TG wished he had his flight plan in front. He could have charted a safer flight path then. “In fact the super crew training had a session on handling such turbulent weather” he said with a tinge of regret in his voice…………………
The shrill alarm bell from the side table woke up TG. As he got up, TG said to himself “ I must work on my IDP today. No one knows when I need my flight plan and training…”

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