Honesty is the Best Policy when you're Changing Organizations and Countries

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Honesty is the Best Policy when you're Changing Organizations and Countries
mohamed hesham khattab, Management Consultant, Egypt

To get real change in any organization, there must be real and complete political democracy in the country of this organization.

Any organization is a part of the whole country, so the values of the honesty, impartiality, change for better life, change for better product and service and change for getting the quality of life .... all of these great values and objectives can not be achieved without the complete political democracy in the society ...... corruption and political dictatorship can freeze or destroy all the abilities of the people in the whole of the society ( private and public sectors ) .

Immediate and useful results which can be seen and touched by all staff members in any organization are representing the secret of success for any suggested change.. Look to our revolutions in the middle east now >>the fruits of our revolutions against political dictatorship and corruption are still absent today >>because some leaders of the revolutions manage the change for the sake and for the benefit of some people only of the society not all the members of the society>>so the management of change here is false and weak and dishonest >> so the real change will never be done >>>we need immediate and honest consequences (immediate and real and honest results for all the people not for part of them).

From my personal and professional experiences in private and governmental organizations in our Arab world .I saw by my own eyes : ( how the management of change is really false and weak and dishonest and just only meetings, words, dreams and also paper plans and certificates.

The big surprise in that failure in management change in the world is that you see many of the people who are responsible for leading that process are holding high doctor degrees from America and Europe , but when they come to their countries they work just for money , they do not care about the spreading of the culture of change for better life for all of the members of their society >>>>i see that the management of change is a holy mission for experts , consultants and managers and leaders against political dictatorship, against corruption in the governmental offices , against poverty and against the missing human rights >>>>>the objective evidence of my view is the present increasing number of people who can not find money , food ,work ,human rights, healthy housing, the perfect health care and finally can not find hope for better tomorrow >

Management of change ( i see and believe ) is not words , is not academic degrees and is not certificates but is actions and honest actions>>>>the best in the west is the best for the rest >>>>> we can not solve the problems that we face by the same level of thinking who caused those problems

I believe that any person who dares to say that he is an expert or a consultant in management systems in any place of the world must show an objective evidence to show clearly that he did any thing to share effectively in spreading the culture of honesty and the culture of sharing by all means in achieving ((the quality of life))>>>in our Arab world , i am sorry to see many experts and consultants of management systems who work and talk in their daily life as they were doing their gob to get some money just to survive or to make more money without any added value for the quality of life of their societies neglecting their vital role to teach all the people around them all day and night the importance of the brainstorming and the problem solving techniques to overcome many of the serious problems that face their societies especially the corruption , poverty and the best ways of the needed changes >>>our doctors in many hospitals today in Egypt are on strike and stopped working ,they did that many times through the last 4 years , and nobody solved their problems effectively using all the available and existing capabilities >>>there are many examples allover the world to show that we need honesty now and now is now.

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