We Need God?

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We Need God?
Anil Dhall, Member, Consultant, India

Plato’s philosophy is based on two basic principles – Ideas and Phenomena. Idea is fixed reality, something that is eternal, spiritual. According to Plato, those who believe that nature has law, believe in an Idea or have an Ideal. The other principle, Phenomena, according to Plato describes what exists around us. Time, space and matter are Phenomena but are perishable, whereas an Idea is reality and is eternal. Aristotle on the other hand talks about the theory of Essence and Matter. Matter is substance that has no shape – meaning purpose - and Essence is the reality that gives meaning to Matter. Aristotle gave strength to his theory by forwarding an explanation about three types of Souls. The Plant Soul whose only purpose was the essence of nutrition. The Animal Soul which has essence of pain, desire and pleasure. Finally, there is Human Soul, which has the ultimate essence of reason. Plato was of the view that philosophy is the science of Idea and this reflected in his theories. On the other hand Aristotle believed that philosophy was the science of reality – of Essence – and his thoughts were centered on this doctrine. But if one were to go deep into the philosophy of both of them, it can be concluded that they are essentially looking at the same coin, albeit from different sides. When Plato talks about Idea, he is in fact talking about reality and when Aristotle puts forward his Essence theory, he is referring to the fact that Essence is the reality that gives meaning to Matter. Following Aristotle’s doctrine, I can safely say that Human Soul is fast deteriorating to Animal Soul and society in large is becoming materialistic with little respect for social values. I agree with Chapman when he says that the deteriorating cultural values in the society are responsible for the declining morality in humans. I firmly believe that fast eroding moral values are responsible for producing people like Chapman. Need we always be aggressive? Does the path of non-violence followed by Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, men of high moral values and integrity has no meaning for the present day generation? Our cultural values have been eroded and the materialistic world has left little space for religious ethos. Religion was meant to govern the moral values, but we are being mis-lead by men with vested interests. The path of diffusion – diffusing the aggression - and dilution – diluting confrontation – is the ideal way of living our lives with peace.

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