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SEGOU BALI! SAMBA: Social responsibility and tradition
mamadou birane wane, Manager, Senegal

Different stages of love: 1) physical attractiveness and / or emotional-> 2) The reason (optional) -> 3) feeling and affection -> 4) the attitude: parent, child or adult.

SAMBA is a given name, means the birth of boys of the same mother and second son wants to say. The eldest is Hamadi. These Fulani names seem to determine the origin of the Fulani and the link with Ham and Sam, the son of Noah. Thus, among the Fulani, the first son is named "Ham adi" (Ham is 1st) and second son 2émSam-ba (Sam's son dad) became samba. Segou Bali is a Samba.
So a mother who lost her Hamadi and having more than the Samba is a key point to assess the chemistry between this mother and son in addition to the context of this story.
This proposed study of a social system is not to differentiate gender (male or female).
We urge you to analyze:
- trade and the power of words
- inductive responsibilities of each individual with respect to its basic community
- and other social phenomena such as the formation of "group decision", the "collapse of ethical values" in the sociocultural environment etc.. ...
It is then:
- to tell you a story of a family of fishermen in a village in the 11thcentury
- To detect impacts on the state of mind
- To see the formation of customary silence
- the application - feminism and the application - hominis against opportunism in the generational competition.
Please let us benefit from your ideas and opinions. Thank you

The story recounts the fate of Segou Bali said Samba, a brave and talented fisherman, champion of his State and a bachelor, who lives with his mom.
One day as usual in the good old-Futa, after the tornado seminal, the village sought a day's labor for the communal fields. Each sent his child. Segou Bali left alone and begins a plot, a young man said, uncle, let me do it. It moves across the field and another man saidthe same thing. After several attempts, Noting with regret andbitterness that he is with children of his fellow generation, Segou Bali went home upset.
Segou Bali could not eat or drink. "Are you sick son? Why do not you eat? Ask Segou Bali’s mother.
"Nothing mom, but once I was flattered and my exploits at the most respected opponents are worthless today. I found myself alone with the children of my brothers, friends and enemies. "
Her mom is a great visionary, knew beforehand that the misfortune of his son came from a woman.
"My son, what choice would - you between getting married and die?"
"Too bad mom, I take a wife or not, I will die one day. "
"In this case, goes to your" uncle "and demand the hand of his daughter. »
Segou Bali went to his "uncle" (parent to his mother) and explained to him. The marriage with her Koumba Mbourel was celebrated.
The custom requires a meal for friends of the married before leaving for the marital home. Samba did not act like that. The friends of the married decide: "We do not have our rights, your husband is very rich, but he did nothing. We swear you will make for us a «soup” ever known to this day.
Kumba and her husband agree and announce that they will make as special meal that no one has ever done.
There is one thing that we ask meat N'Gaari ngowlé. Your husbandis very brave and the rest is easy for him. If he loves you, he will get rid of this monster.
While they were lying in the middle of the night, Samba put his hand on Koumba.
She rejected it and said, "You dishonor me. It was said that you were the strong man of fishermen Fulani any woman would want to marry you but you came to take me doing our wedding, marriage mended. I'm the laughingstock of public. I demand of you ever made a soup for a fisherman's wife. "

So Segou Bali said: I swear on all that is holiest, I give you a hundred oxen. I do not want Mbourel said.
I give you 10 camels or 100 sheep or tomorrow I'll go hunting, I will relate an alligator and his female. I do not want, "said Kumba.
So Segou Bali said: I swear on all that is holiest, I bring you a hundred oxen. I do not want Mbourel said.
"Take 10 camels or 100 sheep or tomorrow I'll go hunting, I will relate an alligator and his female. " "I do not want"
"I hunt a hippo and his mate for you. "
"no, I do not want. "
"What are you my dear wife?" Kumba says: I want Ngari Gawl if you love me.
Ngari Gawl is a spirit that is manifested by a giant anaconda and dreadful immortal.
Samba responds: Let - I think.
Suddenly, Segou Bali preview to his house, an old lady dressed in white. He gave alms. The old lady said: "Segou Bali! Segou Bali! I call you my son. I heard your wife. Ngari Gawler, that's me. Do not listen. "

The next night, Koumba reformulated more acute application.
N'gari Gawl transformed into an old lady dressed in white carrying a container full of fish, wake Segou Bali and asked him to refuse again.
At daybreak, Koumba abandoned the marital home.
The news spread like wildfire. Segou Bali accused of cowardly and touched in his pride confides to his "uncle".
The "uncle" made aware, shocked asks his daughter to join the place of marriage.

Given the reluctance of his wife. Samba, in announcing the decision to fight himself between his wife and his step-father, enraged that his daughter wanted to beat.
The woman returned to the marital home without even saying goodbye to his parents.
In the morning the night before the fight, looking for a rower, Sambavisited all his comrades in vain. Frustrated and he confides in her sister and nephew still under guardianship tongue ', he promises to keep the paddles.
Just before the fight, after verification and selection of the most fearsome weapons 4. He gauge its weapons and engage in dialogue with them:
- For the first, he casts a spell, blowing the metal pin that burst.
- For the second, he recites the same formula and it writhed.
- The third resisted the formula and the second formula, extra sharp hook appeared.
- For behind after three formulas recited, he realized that one should use only bear hands.
All the villagers and neighboring villages converge on the cliffs of the river to witness the spectacle.
Only bali Segou and his nephew were on the boat in midstream. The sky darkens; we hear only the sound of swirling waves breaking over the boat and the deep voice of Samba reciting his formulas.
Bali Segou, on the front of the canoe rowed by his very young nephew, scans the surface of the water when suddenly N'gari Gawlé appeared at a safe distance ahead. It was higher than 4 fellows and long 3 fishing canoes. Cries of the spectators mingle groans of the monster.
Samba, squatting and an army on each hand, waved his rower to rush on its target.
Ngari Ngawlé was a dip in the river causing a deafening noise.
Ségou bali within range, sent a spear on the saurian. Ngari Ngawlé surfaced before Samba just waiting for the moment he can put his spear in the heart of the monster. A blank, his eyes followed theharpoon. He lives scales disperse, blood and fire burst and understood. After being annihilated, Ngari Ngawlé, cast an evil spellin Segou Bali which collapsed in the dugout, fainted. The nephew continues to row staring at his uncle.
Ngari Ngawlé gave up the ghost at noon and Samba was sent urgently to the house.

Fishermen, who could not trace the animal, cut off his tail to confirm victory.
Segou Bali pointed to his mother that he must not enter the body of N'Gaari Ngawlé in their concession.
The mother ran to warn the fishermen, but they were already inside. The mother turned back, his son had passed away.
Her mother sang: Segou Bali Yooo Sambame (my samba), Yourmisfortune will come to a woman; "said a mother to her only son ... 'I want a meal with the superstar. Whoever kills the beast dies, I want you to book him fight. "Tell a woman that only son.
This happened when one does not trifle with the honor. ...

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