Gestión Ambiental Sistémica

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Gestión Ambiental Sistémica
Eduardo Arias-Pineda, Coach, Colombia

Environmental Complexity, Soft Systems Methodology, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Environmental Management Systemic, Environmental Management.

This research addresses the issue of environmental complexity as a meeting and recognition of the complementarily between scientific knowledge and popular reality permeated by a crisis that needs to be rethought, in this way environmental complexity emerges as a framework for think-act associate in pursuit of sustainable projects, knitting for this new ways to continue inhabiting the planet from looks comprehensive, systemic, critical, but everything looks ethical-aesthetic-political. In order to give management time to this complex-environmental perspective of human knowledge, and given the frequent and reduced the subject to issues related intangibles, was elected the School of Environmental Sciences at the Technological University of Pereira as an organization and the sector's own territory Colombian public education, to make sense of a learning experience from which referred to the Environmental Management and for the purposes of research involving social praxis. Hence the notion of complex systems is provided adequately to understand, identify and propose concrete actions to improve the situation. With the idea of a study at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, interpreted as a complex system of human activities, we propose a methodological approach able to sound out the case study organization, so that those most urgent situations of disagreement are taken and processed through endogenous organizational learning. To guide this process of change, Soft Systems Methodology in action was the most appropriate because the architecture meets the needs of complex problems that need to be managed and improved. Finally, this process of perception, exploration and learning raises some changes systemically desirable and culturally feasible, and are condensed through a strategy for the faculty of Environmental Science, argued in order to strengthen its organizational culture, to guide the strategic direction, from the articulation of their mission statements, making them replicate these processes in the face of the Company and the Citizen.

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