Reengeneering IS change from the roots.

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Reengeneering IS change from the roots.
Ove Sahlin, Member, Management Consultant, Sweden

Over the years I've seen many reengeneering projects that only scratch, don't dig, and yet claim to do reengeneering.

We live our lives driven by trends, nothing wrong about that, but the consequence is that as soon as a method gets trendy, everyone makes their best to get on the trendtrain and at the same time pretend that they've been on it a long long time. My concern in this view is one of my favourite topics, BPR. Reengeneering became trendy in the 90's, about time I would say, and ment alot to many companies. I did several jobs as a managementconsultant during those years and saw how refreshing a propperly runned BPR-project was for both owners, leaders, employees and last but not least, customers. So, some weeks ago, I met a young consultant who had problems in a organisational project in a mediumsized Swedish company. "Everyone talks about reengeneering the business processes but when I challenge them to draw on a blanc sheet they accuse me of trying to fool them. All of the members in the team have documented experience of BPR and yet they tell me that I'm doing it the wrong way." My view, as I told him, is that by now, even the most spineless consultants dare to state BPR in their CV's. Back in the 90's it was something that was spiced with a bit scaryness and danger but all that has erroded away over the years and nowadays the word reengeneering is safe and polite. I would say that we need a new word that reestablish the danger and requires guts. Or maybe there is such a word (method) that I don't know about due to several years abcence from the management scene. Answers anyone?

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