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Career - Not Just a Job, But the Future
Fazalur Rahman, Member, Manpower Development Specialist, United Arab Emirates

For developing a career plan, you need to explore your best skills and talents.

Authors: - Dr. J.P.Jafarulla, M.B.A., Ph.D., - Training Officer, TAKREER – Abu Dhabi. Fazalur Rahman, M.A., M.Phil., - Manpower Development Specialist (Career Dev.) ADMA- OPCO, Abu Dhabi. Career, a mantra we hear every now and then in the international Human Resources (HR) arena. And like many mantras, the word career has an in-depth meaning and practice to accomplish but unfortunately it is also misconceived. How long has it been since you dreamt of yourself being what you wanted to be? Everyone from childhood dreams of being a doctor, an engineer, an airline pilot, and so on. But very few realize what we dreamt of. The reason is because of a misunderstanding or gap in interpreting the dream. Career – according to American Heritage® Dictionary; the general course or progression of one's working life or one's professional achievements: and Oxford Concise Dictionary states “an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life, usually with opportunities for progress (or) working with commitment in a particular profession” A job is an individual or a particular position that a person is holding at a given point of time. At the very basic level, job is what a person is doing right now, for which he/she is rewarded with remuneration and benefits. Career is greater than the sum of a list of jobs that people pass through. It is a broader trajectory covering what you're planning to do in your life time. In fact, jobs seldom lead to careers. Mostly, jobs extended with long and multiple steps end up going nowhere. Unless you set yourself a goal of having a career, the job you’ve got now might lead you nowhere. Successful people do not worry only about promotions or salary raises. They look beyond these things at the bigger picture. They create an entire plan for career development having a career plan and work towards a goal that will make you more focused. For developing a career plan, you need to explore your best skills and talents. Career planning covers the following issues:  Your purpose / mission and preferred lifestyle.  Identifying your strengths and skills  Your real interests and Values which is the result of your inner drive.  Your needs, individual traits and motivational drivers. To help address these issues, the following factors could be useful:  Continuous updating of knowledge and qualification. You can strengthen your chances of being successful by improving your academic and technical knowledge regularly. You can utilize the most reputed colleges, institutes, schools and universities which offer various developmental courses.  Find people who work in your career and learn from them. This will enable you to hear their suggestions and what they like and dislikes most in their career. Sometimes you may even have an opportunity to do some work experience to help you to "get a feel" for the work involved.  Think of careers broadly. A field of work is far more than a single job. It should give you a shot at least a few related types of jobs. For instance, if you learn engineering, you might consider of being an engineer out in the field (such as oil production), a manager of a site, an office manager, a trainer of engineering skills and a consultant in engineering.  Consider cross-field work. Keep in mind that the breadth of the field will determine the possibilities of trying new things in cross field’s career, for example teachers are good with word skills and hence they can be excellent editors and publishers.  Put into action and keep positive. Ensure that your career plan is gaining evident results and progressing towards a destination. Consistency in the action and effective review your career plan could yield fabulous results. This incredible journey gets exciting when you stay ahead of the track, you will find yourself in a great position to recognize and capitalize on the opportunities and you can make your greatest possible contribution and enjoy personal and professional satisfaction that goes along with this.

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