Methods of Mismanagement

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Methods of Mismanagement
Sunita Ramsawack, Manager, Trinidad and Tobago

A case of total mismanagement theories, impacting on leadership, change and transformation.

I recently held a management position in the corporate division of a University. This institution is top-heavy, with managers spilling out of the seams. There are efforts to mimic 'best practices' at similar institutions globally, however, these are merely thoughts at this time.
This institution is 6 years old, and senior management spouts the excuse that they are still 'young' and are learning and growing every year. What is uncanny though is that even though there are numerous statements made about management practices, there is little or no leadership at this institution.
Think of a building simply placed on a site, and the need to fill positions urgently is done in an ad hoc manner, without policies, processes or procedures. At this time, this institution is overflowing with high ranking officials, none of whom are held responsible, accountable for, or are transparent in their actions.
What is deeply grievous is the potential for this institution to provide a much needed service - academic training in various fields of studies. Management or the lack of it, leads to deep discontent, demotivation and dissatisfaction amongst staff. There is a high level of absenteeism, tardiness and staff turnover is high, especially at the senior level. Micromanagement is rife, and causes practical problems at the institution. Most employees are left to their own devices, without guidance and are virtually left to the corporate vultures. There is no team spirit, and each person is answerable for any issues/problems that may occur.
It is an institution where you are alone in your endeavours - no one has your back, especially your boss. They will leave you to hang, and are quick to point fingers in the direction of subordinates. This deflects the attention away from the real source of the problem. This institution practices a brand of management that I have not seen practiced in these modern, progressive times.
As a final year MBA student, with a specialization in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, I am truly appalled by this mismanagement madness, and constantly strive to find some semblance of sanity in what is occurring at that institution.

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