The creation of the cocoon

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The creation of the cocoon
Filippo Mori, CEO, Italy

Management with leadership means to create a well balanced environment.

In my opinion management with leadership means to create the environment, both physical and psychological, in witch people can express their on productivity. A well balanced physical structure is one of the secrets that lead all of us toward a good attitude. When this simple concept is applied to a work place, it translate in to a more comfortable communication flow and then in more productivity. We leave in a world in witch resources seams to be limited and not always renewable. Well, I believe that our on creativity is unlimited and renewable and that’s why is necessary to create an environment in witch this creativity can be express. I consider technology another main pillar on witch we can build a successful organization. A Company is an entity of its on and the management must tune in its essence in order to understand how to lead in harmony and prosperity. Resources are unlimited in spite of what we have been told for centuries. It is by envision with our creative mind what we wish to accomplish with our ventures that we bring things to be in this world. An Organization that can focus on the same vision simultaneously and harmoniously can produce much more than one single Pearson. To shake the vision is real gol.

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