What is driving you and your team?

Find out with our leading management test...



Know Thyself...

For success as a manager you need to understand:

  1. Your main drives
  2. Your work environment
  3. Your behavior

In collaboration with RealDrives, 12manage offers you the state of the art in management testing. Our test will give you a competitive edge by measuring all 3 of these dimensions.

For example, it will reveal that a person has an ORANGE MAIN DRIVE, works in a GREEN WORK environment and is showing YELLOW BEHAVIOR.

Test Application Areas

  • Career / personal reflection
  • Team composition
  • Leadership
  • Managing change
  • Organizational culture


The price of this highly sophisticated management test is €159 per tested person.

Includes reports, graphs and a manual. Includes tax.

Test Focus: Managers

  • Management focus
  • Work setting
  • Tests 3 dimensions
  • Individual or team usage

Why this management test?

  • More than just a personality type test
  • Professional (work) environment
  • Management focus
  • All-in price
  • 10.000s of people tested

Taking Your Test. Privacy

After your payment, you can take the test right away (or invite others). Answering the questions will take you approximately 20 minutes. The entire process is secure and anonymous.

All results will be made available only to the person taking and paying for the test.


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