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Assess and improve the capabilities of an organization for managing projects, programs and portfolios to achieve its strategic goals. Explanation of OPM3 of PMI. ('03)

Contributed by: Drs. Frans Eijpe, PMP


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The OPM3 Model - Domains and Maturity LevelsWhat is OPM3? Description

OPM3 is an abbreviation of "Organizational Project Management Maturity Model". Using OPM3, organizations can assess their level of maturity. They do this by analyzing the existence in their organizations of about 600 best practices, built up from defined capabilities. OPM3 relates to 4 levels of maturity, for its 3 domains:

  1. Projects.
  2. Programs.
  3. Portfolios.

After gaining knowledge of what constitutes best practices in organizational project management, an assessment can be performed of the current maturity level of organizational project management. Following this, a directory of best practices and defined capabilities is used to define a path for improvement.

Origin of OPM3. History

OPM3 was developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which recognized the need for a standard that assist organizations to improve their capabilities to implement their strategies through the execution of (multiple) projects. Besides "A Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge" (PMBOK) which focuses on managing single projects.
After 5 years of development by over 800 project managers from more than 30 countries, the first edition of OPM3 was released in December 2003.

OPM3 Elements

The model encompasses 3 elements:

  • Knowledge,
  • Assessment, and
  • Improvement.

Usage of OPM3. Applications

OPM3 is a scalable and generic model, it is applicable to profit and non-profit organizations of different sizes, industries and geographical locations. Organizations may also be divisions, business units, departments etc.

Steps in OPM3. Process

  1. Gaining knowledge of what constitutes best practices in organizational project management.
  2. Assessment of the current maturity level of project management in the organization.
  3. Identify a path for continuous improvement, based on the knowledge of best practices and the current maturity level of project management in the organization.

Strengths of OPM3. Benefits

OPM3 is the first model of its sort, that describes best practices for project management, program management and portfolio management in a maturity model. It is aligned with the PMBOK, a global accepted standard for Project Management.

Assumptions of OPM3. Conditions

OPM3 focuses on the clear correlation between the capabilities of an organization to manage projects, programs and portfolios and its effectiveness in implementing strategy.

Book: Project Management Institute - Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3) -

OPM3 Forum
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  How to become OPM3 Certified
I have gone through with details about OPM3, but I am confused. Kindly support me in this, I am already PMP and willing to acheive OPM3. As per my understanding I would have to travel to the States to attend courses and appear in Exam. Is there any a...

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Best Practices - OPM3 Premium

Expert Tips - OPM3 Premium

Practical List of Points to Improve your Project Management Maturity

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The Commonalities and Differences Between PMBOK and OPM3

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK): defines a common lexicon for the project manager and team members practitioners, sets a framework fo...
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How to Improve your Project Management Organization?

There are 3 basic steps in the model of OPM3, each with some more detailed steps:
1. Prepare for Assesse...
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How to Avoid Running Too Much Projects at the Same Time?

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Understanding Project Management Maturity

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Categorizing Project Management Capabilities and Best Practices

Capabilities are categorized by the following 5 Process Groups:
1. Initiating
2. Planning <...
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Using OPM3 Best Practices, Capabilities, Outcomes and KPIs

The OPM3 Standard has the following 4 components:
1. Best Practice. A Best Practice is an optimal way to achieve an objective/goal and to delive...
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Resources - OPM3 Premium

OPM3 Overview Presentation

Good presentation explaining OPM3 by Kevin Chui.
- Common Concerns in IT Projects
- Key Objectives of IT Projects Usage (application): Project Management, OPM3

Introduction Into the Steps of OPM 3

Introduction into (the steps of) OPM 3
This presentation shows how OPM3 acts as a bridge from vision, organizational strategy and objectives to a...
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Three-sphere Model for (IT) Project Management

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Project Management of Information Technology Projects

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Introduction to Project Risk Management

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OPM3 Diagram

Download and edit this 12manage PowerPoint graphic for limited personal, educational and business use. Republishing in intranets, websites, books, ma...
Usage (application): Project Management Maturity


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Opm3 Projects


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Opm3 Projects


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