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Achieve maximum results, based on clear and measurable agreements made previously. Explanation of Result Oriented Management of Jan Schouten and Wim van Beers. ('66)


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What is Result Oriented Management? Description

Result Oriented Management is a management style, described by Jan Schouten and Wim van Beers, both from Dutch origin.

The Result Oriented Management system (or: "Resultaatgericht Management" in Dutch) aims to achieve maximum results based on clear and measurable agreements made previously.  Result Oriented Management is a management style, based on the idea that people will work with more enthusiasm and fun, if:

  • People clearly know what is expected of them.

  • People are involved in establishing these expectations.

  • People are allowed to determine themselves how they are going to meet these expectations.

  • People obtain feedback about their performance.

In Result Oriented Management, the manager sets goals and determines priorities and makes resources available that are needed: time, money and capacity. The employee provides his time, knowledge and abilities and indicates under which conditions he can deliver the required results. In doing so, he takes the personal responsibility for achieving those results.

Result Oriented Agreements and SMART

Result Oriented Management is a management system that works with so called Result Oriented Agreements. All parties have the same expectations about their targets and may talk to each other on results. All agreements must always be 'SMART': Specific, Measurable, Accepted, Relevant and Traceable. Within the borders of the agreements that are made, the employees are free to determine how they want to achieve their targets.

Steps in Result Oriented Management. Process

Result Oriented Management helps to translate corporate goals towards Strategic Business Units goals and individual goals. The process of Result Oriented Management is preferably top down AND bottom up and consist of the following steps:

  • Set the target. Long-term corporate goals;

  • Translating the corporate goals towards Strategic Business Units goals and individual goals;

  • Result Oriented Agreements about goals;

  • Implementation, self steering and management reporting;

  • Periodic appraisals, progress control and adjustments;

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