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What is Multi Channel Marketing? Description

After their first arrival, the telephone, fax, email, mobile phone and the internet were quickly adopted in business contacts and for business transactions, creating new channels to do business. These channels can be treated individually and often are treated separately. However the Multi Channel Marketing philosophy is aimed at managing all contact processes between customers and channel participants during all phases of the relation through combining two or more marketing channels which are reinforcing each other.

What Kind of Communications Channels exist? Types

Communication Channels can be categorized and used by businesses along the following dimensions:

  • One-to-many (radio, television, magazines, newspapers) versus one-to-one communication (direct sales, service employees). Websites, email, letters, and telephone are somewhere in the middle.
  • Impersonal versus face to face communication
  • Social versus instrumental communication (aimed at efficiency)
  • Interactive (internet) versus non-interactive communication (passive)
  • One sense (radio, magazines) versus multiple senses communication (direct sales, virtual reality)
  • Traditional (appealing to older, conservative people) versus new technology communication (appealing to young people)
  • Compare also: TDC Matrix, Impact/Value framework and Twelve Principles of the Network Economy

Note that Multi Channel Marketing is about utilizing multiple channels to sell products or services, and must not to be confused with advertising through multiple mediums.

Usage of Multi Channel Marketing. Applications

Multi Channel Marketing - Channels and PhasesSteps in Multi Channel Marketing. Process

Various channels can be preferable in various stages of the customer relation or sales cycle (see picture):

  • Attracting
  • Informing
  • Advising
  • Transaction / Contract
  • Support / Service
  • Relation Building

Strengths of Multi Channel Marketing. Benefits

  • Increased efficiency and reduced costs by using the strengths of each channel in an optimal way.

  • Increased market coverage and customer reach.

Limitations of Multi Channel Marketing. Disadvantages

  • Managing many channels can be complex and challenging. Traditionally many business are organized by channel, which makes implementing multi channel difficult.
  • Certain customers should be avoided in certain channels. This fact may annoy them if they find out about it.
  • Potential channel conflicts, for example between direct sales channels and indirect channels (with partner firms). Compare: Bricks and Clicks.

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