X이론 Y이론 (McGregor)
Theory Z [Z이론] (Ouchi)

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X이론과 Y이론이란 무엇인가. 기술

미국의 사회심리학자 Douglas McGregor 'The Human Side Of Enterprise' 란 책에서 그의 유명한 X이론과 Y이론을 제안하였다(1960년).





인간은 원래 일하는 것을 싫어하고 할 수 있음에도 피하려고 한다. 사람들은 일하는 것을 노는 것이나 쉬는 것처럼 자연스러운 것으로 본다. 인간의 각자의 개인적인 삶에서처럼 작업에서도 똑같은 양의 육체적이고 정신적인 노력을 소비한다.
  사람들이 일하는 것을 싫어하기 때문에 경영진에 의해 강요받고 통제되어야 하며 열심히 일하도록 위협이 주어져야 한다. 만일 사람들이 동기부여되면 조직의 목표에 대해 자기 지시적인 사람이 될 것이다. 통제와 벌칙은 사람들이 작업을 수행하게 하는 유일한 메커니즘이 아니다.
  일반적으로 직원들은 지시를 받고자 한다. 직업 만족도는 직원과의 관계와 성실성을 이끌어내는데 핵심이 된다.
  사람들은 책임이란 것을 좋아하지 않는다. 사람들은 책임을 수용하고 책임을 찾는 것을 배운다. 보통의 인가은 적절한 조건하에서 책임을 수용할 뿐만 아니라 자연스럽게 탐색도 한다.
  보통의 인간은 분명하고 모호하지 않으며 직업에 있어 안전감을 얻고자 한다. 사람들은 상상력이 풍부하고 창조적이다. 그들의 재능은 일을 통해 문제해결에 사용되어야 한다.


매장, 대량 생산. 생산 노동자. 전문적인 서비스, 지식 노동자. 매니저와 전문가.

에 공헌하는

대규모 효률적인 운영에 기여. 전문가의 관리, 참여적인 복잡한 문제 해결.

관리 방식

권위주의적, 하드한 관리. 참여적, 소프트한 관리.

McGregor Y이론을 선호되는 모델, 경영방법이라고 본다. 그러나 Y이론을 대규모로 운영하여 사용하는데는 어려움이 있다고 보았다.

Ouchi의 Z이론

1981년에 William Ouchi는 미국과 일본의 경영사례를 결합하여 Z이론을 선보였다. Z이론은 다음과 같은 특징이 있다 : 장기 고용 - 집단의사결정 - 개인적인 책임 - 느린 평가와 승진 - 분명하고 공식적인 측정을 하는 불분명하고 비공식적인 통제 - 적당하게 전문화된 커리어 경로 - 가족을 포함한 직원에 대한 전체적인 관심.



X이론 Y이론 Z이론 시그(SIG).

시그(SIG) (9 개 회원)


새로운 주제

X이론 Y이론 Z이론 포럼.

Theory Y is a Farce in Practice
I personally do not have much faith that theory Y is real in practice. May be happening in highly professionalised indus (...)
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Theory Z Explanation
Explain the Theory Z in brief as by little explanation its difficult to judge. Moreover, it is a more practical approach (...)
Theory X will Always Prevail Cecause it is Innate in Man
As long as an individual or group of individuals exists, Theory X will prevail because we cannot uproot the source of un (...)
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Job Requirements Influence X or Y
Theory X and Y are dependent on the job requirements also.
One can't be participative on all situations / jobs. The (...)
Contribution for Today?
What is the relevance of theory X and Y theory Z to modern management for today? (...)
Participative Management
Managing in today's organization is complex due to the rapid changes in technology, etcetera. In order to remain competi (...)
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It's Time for Theory Z
Long term employment may be seen as security of tenure. Several years ago, I carried out a study in Exeter and discovere (...)
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Individual Backgrounds
Theory Y states an ideal way on how people should work and interact. In theory X, it is when their work or personal situ (...)
Contigency Management Principle
Theory Y and theory X metamorphose into the Contingency Theory. There is no particular best style of management, but the (...)
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McGregor's XY Model is not a Model For Action
The real Theory Z is that people don't understand that this XY model is not a model for action. It has been developed to (...)
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Dress Code, Bold Voice, Self Confidence and Motivation Power
Whenever you try to guide someone, following three leadership factors affect your mission to leadership. You should alwa (...)
Theory U: The origin of leadership is irrelevant
Individuals at the top, middle, and bottom of the organization could informally personify leadership without a hierarchi (...)
Applying Theory Z in Practice
People with enough motivation and empowerment do not need to be coerced to work. The trick is to lay down parameters and (...)
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Role of Perception and Turbulence
Theory X, Theory Y and Theory Z bring to mind the role of perception and judgmental attributions of a person's action an (...)
Theory X and Y in Nigeria
What are real life situations or applications of theory X and Y in Nigerian leadership today (APC)? Please give Nigerian (...)
Theory X, Y and Z in Government Organizations
HI. I'd like to know your thoughts on Theories X, Y and Z (McGregor and Ouchi) in governmental organizations.
To wh (...)
Threatening Workers does not Work
Workers are suppose to be motivated and not be threatened like in theory X because if you threaten them the performance (...)
No Prototypical Behavior
I personally do not believe in prototypical behavior. This means that people act the way they act based on circumstances (...)

    에 대한 X이론 Y이론 Z이론. 추가 정보.


모범 사례

X이론 Y이론 Z이론에 대한 최고 평점 토론 주제. 여기에서 가장 가치있는 아이디어와 실용적인 제안을 찾을 수 있습니다.

Decision-making Method in Complex / Conflict Situations
Game theory is the decision making skills in conflict situations.I think that it is the best way of management and eco (...)
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Theory Z is Rare but Growing
Spiral Dynamics & Personal & Corporate Values Journey research indicates that Z would be a 'yellow' - a systems type per (...)
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Theory X and Theory Y
In 9 out of 10 cases, the employer or leader determines the way workers behave. Workers who are treated as though they (...)
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Work Ethic: Most employees want to work
I believe that most employees want to work. There will always be a small percentage that will go against the grain. The (...)
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Influence of Culture on Theory X & Y
I think application of theory x and y also depends on the cultural backround of the enterprise. In fact, they are two en (...)
1 개의 댓글

Growing from Theory X to Z to Y
- Theory X naturally comes to play at the inception of almost every business undertaking.
- In the growing stage of (...)
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Theory X and Theory Y: Administration vs. Management
From what can be seen in the summary, in my opinion we can make a clear distinction between administration and managemen (...)
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Applying Theory XY in Practice
These motivational theories are excellent. However, how can we motivate the practicing administrators / bureaucrats to (...)
9 개의 댓글

In Practice you Need to Combine Theories
It is not possible to put just one theory into practise without borrowing few elements from another. I am of the view th (...)
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The Role of Favoritism in Recruitment
Theory X and Theory Y are dependent too on recruitment and selection processes. When favoritism plays a part in these ex (...)
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The Role of Empowerment
We will always have X & Y type of people. What can make an X turn into an Y and vice a versa is EMPOWERMENT. If I can em (...)
8 개의 댓글

전문가 팁

Theory X Theory Y Theory Z에 대한 고급 통찰력 (영어). 여기에서 전문가의 전문적인 조언을 찾을 수 있습니다.

Self-fulfilling Prophesies

Further information
An important aspect of McGregor's ideas is his belief that managers who hold either set of assumptions can create self-f (...)

LEADER: Best Practices for Effective Leadership Behavior

Leadership Behavior, Leadership Effectiveness, Leadership Style
Following six short behavioral tips can help you to enhance your leadership efficiency: 1. L - LISTENING: Actively list (...)

Differences in Organizational Commitment Between Paid Workers and Volunteers

Organizational Commitment, Employee Motivation, Non-profit Organizations
Paid and unpaid workers in hybrid organizations Although financial considerations are an important reason to work for a (...)

Theory X problem

McGregor pointed out that a command and control environment is not effective, because it includes lower desires as lever (...)
정보 출처

X이론 Y이론 Z이론 에 대한 다양한 정보 출처. 여기에서 자신의 강의 및 워크샵에 사용할 파워 포인트, 비디오, 뉴스 등을 찾을 수 있습니다.

How to Become a Master Manager?

Introduction to Managing People. Know Thyself
This good introduction presentation is about how to be a Master Manager. By J. S. Osland, D. A. Kolb, I. M. Rubin and M. (...)

Human Motivation

Motivating Employees
Comprehesive presentation on Human / Employee Motivation. Topics: 1. What is motivation? 2. How do needs motivate peo (...)

Theory X Management Style

Introduction to Motivation, Workshops, Trainings
Hilarious video showcases Theory X methods of motivation to increase productivity. (...)

Young Steve Jobs on the Role of Managers

Management, Leadership, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Talent Development
This video is a nice start for any management course. Jobs shares some ideas on managers (in a high-tech environment) an (...)

The X Model of Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement, Organizational Commitment, Amployee Attitude
Organizations aim for success. And so do employees. But individuals (employees, executives, managers) have their own def (...)

How to Achieve Employee Engagement

Employee Empowerment, Employee Participation, Participative Management, Participative Leadership
Tom Peters gives a short, but fundamental advice on how you can accomplish his 3rd and 4th principle (3. Autonomy and En (...)

추가 연구 링크

X이론 Y이론 Z이론다음과 관련된 다른 유용한 소스로 자동으로 이동합니다 .

뉴스 영화 프리젠 테이션 서적 더



프리젠 테이션


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