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종종 가치창출은 중대한 변화를 필요로 한다. John Kotter는 그의 저서 "A force for Change : How Leadership Differs from Management"(1990) 에서 많은 변화 프로세스가 성공하지 못하는 8가지 이유를 밝히고 있다.

많은 변화 프로세스가 성공하지 못하는 8가지 이유

  • 너무 많은 복합성 허용.

  • 견고한 연합을 구축하는데 실패

  • 명백한 비전의 필요성을 이해하지 못함.

  • 비전을 명확하기 커뮤니케이션하는데 실패.

  • 비전을 막는 장애물을 용납.

  • 단기결과를 계획하지 않고, 그것을 모르고 있음.

  • 너무 일찍 승리를 선언.

  • 기업문화에 변화를 뿌리내리지 못함.

변화단계 모델

이러한 실수를 예방하기 위해, 는 다음의 변화단계모델을 창안하였다. 그것은 8개 단계로 구성되어 있다.

  1. 긴박함을 조성하라.

  2. 연합을 이루어라.

  3. 명백한 비전을 개발하라.

  4. 비전을 공유하라.

  5. 명백한 장애물에 대한 권한을 부여하라.

  6. 단기적인 승리를 확보하라.

  7. 단합하고 계속 나아가라.

  8. 변화를 뿌리내려라.

Kotter에 따르면, 위에서 말한 순서대로 정확하게 변화의 8단계를 따르는 것이 가장 중요하다.

참고도서: John Kotter - A force for Change


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The Roles of Managers in Organizational Change (Carnall)
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The statement/phrase, "Establish a sense of urgenc...
Our Iceberg is Melting
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Kotter and Public Sector Change
As a 2yr MBA student and a middle manager within the fire service, I'm investigating an organisational change programme...
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모범 사례

변화 단계에 대한 최고 평점 토론 주제. 여기에서 가장 가치있는 아이디어와 실용적인 제안을 찾을 수 있습니다.

Kotter's New 8 Accelerators for Strategic Change
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Emotions During Organizational Change: the Change Curve
Swiss-American psychiatrist Kbler-Ross in her 1969 book "On Death and Dying" described 5 stages of grief to describe th...
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Why do so Many Change Processes Fail?
Most often change processes do not succeed because of some ASSUMPTIONS we make before and during the change process.
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Neglecting the Change Phases
I lead a change process where I was acutely aware of the fact that the initiation of change was based on a positive visi...
How to Establish a Sense of Urgency (Kotter)? Ideas
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Disadvantages of the Kotter Change Theory
I would like to know If someone thinks there are disadvantages to using the Kotter Change Phases theory?...
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How to Consolidate and Keep Moving (Kotter)? Ideas
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How to Create a Coalition (Kotter)? Ideas
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The Roles of Top and Middle Management in Change
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How to Structure Large Scale Change Efforts
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전문가 팁

Change Phases에 대한 고급 통찰력 (영어). 여기에서 전문가의 전문적인 조언을 찾을 수 있습니다.

Creating the Right Conditions Before Implementing the 8 Steps

Things to do Before Starting a Major Change Initiative
Kotter's 8-Step Change Process is clear, concise and simple to implement. It is a superb framework for change.Before im...

Personal Networks of Successful Change Agents

Leading Major and Minor Change Initiatives
Organizational change is often difficult to achieve because it disturbs the hierarchical structures and the way to accom...

Leadership Strategies for Change

Initiate, implement, develop and sustain change
In response to the high rate of change failure, Ken Blanchard and his team have developed the Blanchard Leading Through ...

Why Employee Involvement (Phases 1-5) is so Important

Acknowledging the Power of Employees
The concept of bases of social power is very important for organizations in the context of change initiatives. The sour...

Strategic Change is Acausal and Subject to Equifinality

Understanding the True Complexity of Organizational Change
The change phases concept by Kotter represents a traditional reflection on the problem of strategic change, the construc...

Key Success Factors when you're Designing your Change Management Program

Best Practices, Change Management, Organizational Change
In their article "Making Change Happen, and Making It Stick" (published in the online edition of strategy+business, Dece...

Innovating Under the Radar

Avoiding 5 Obstacles to Major Innovation
If somewhere below in a large corporation an innovator has a very bright, daring, promising but for some perhaps also th...

Assessing the Risks of Change and the Organizations Capacity for Change

Leading Change
In their book "Transforming Public and Nonprofit Organization Stewardship for Leading Change", James Edwin Kee and Kat...

Causes for Resistance Behavior

Identify Forces Against Change
Identifying the forces against change involves a two-step approach. First, the change agent needs to identify resistance...

Unfreezing, Moving, Freezing

Change Management
Kotter's Change Phases are a further refinement of the 3 phases/stages of change identified by early 20th century psycho...

Strategic Change: Why, What, When, Who and How

Preparing Strategic Change
If we need to change strategically, we need to think about why, what, when, who and how: - Why do we want to change? - ...

A Closer Look at How Change and Innovation Decisions are Made

Decision-making on Organizational Change, Innovation Decision-making, Contingent, Participative Decision-making
Kim, T (2015) elaborates on decision making on "non-routines" or innovations. According to him, non-routines can be seen...

The Role of the CEO in Strategic Change Initiation

Communicating Strategic Change
In management literature the role of the CEO in formulating and implementing strategic change has often been emphasized....

The 7C Framework for Successful Personal and Professional Change

Personal Change, Professional Change, Personal Transition, Professional Transition, Embracing Change
In the article 'Managing Yourself: How to Embrace Complex Change", Brimm (2015) provides a framework of seven Cs that c...
정보 출처

변화 단계 에 대한 다양한 정보 출처. 여기에서 자신의 강의 및 워크샵에 사용할 파워 포인트, 비디오, 뉴스 등을 찾을 수 있습니다.

Your Organization Needs to Change its Strategy Implementation Method

Strategy Execution, Strategic Change, Change Management, Strategy Implementation
Dr. John Kotter explains most clearly how the rate of change of events, technology, globalization, products and markets ...

Effective Change Leadership and Management: Principles, Frameworks and Tools

Change Management, Change Leadership
Comprehensive presentation on leadership and management in a change context. 1. Introduction and Overview 2. What is t...

The Nature and Complexity of Organizational Change

Change Management, Organizational Change
Presentation about organizational change. The presentation discusses and highlights the complexity and multi-dimensional...

Change Management or Change Leadership?

Understanding the Difference Between Change Management and Change Leadership
This video explores and explains some differences between Change Management and Change Leadership: CHANGE MANAGEMENT ...

Managing Organizational Change

Change Management, Leading Change, Organizational Development
This is a presentation about the ways to manage change. The presentation includes the following sections: 1. Introducti...

What is Change Management?

Initial Understanding of Change Management
In this video Elissa Farrow from About Your Transition explains the relatively new concept of Organizational Change Mana...

22 Best Practices in Change Management

Change Management, Organizational Change
Presentation starts with short introduction of managing organizational change and then outlines 22 best practices in cha...

Dealing with Roadblocks

Dealing with Resistance to Change, Change Management, Training, Workshop
Dr. John Kotter gives remarkable advice on dealing with "No, No, People" (strong resisters in change initiatives). Acco...

Tips for Successful Change Management

Initial Understanding of How to Manage Change Successfully
Gavin Wedell explains that to change one's organization, one must change one's inner being. In today's world market con...

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