Blue Ocean Strategy (Стратегия голубого океана)

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Создание неоспоримого рыночного пространства (uncontested market space). Объяснение Blue Ocean Strategy (Стратегия голубого океана) W. Chan Kim и Renée Mauborgne. ('04)


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Океан красного цвета Blue Ocean Strategy (Стратегия голубого океана)

Что такое Blue Ocean Strategy (Стратегия голубого океана)? Описание

Вместо конкуренции внутри существующей отрасли или попыток переманить клиентов от конкурентов (стратегия кровавого или красного океана) W. Chan Kim и Renée Mauborgne предлагают Blue Ocean Strategy (Стратегию голубого океана): создание неоспоримого рыночного пространства, которое делает конкуренцию нерелевантной.

Согласно Kim и Mauborgne в статье HBR, октябрь 2004, конкурируя в переполненных отраслях невозможно обеспечить высокий уровень показателей. Реальная возможность в следующем: создавать голубые океаны неоспоримого рыночного пространства.

Критика концепции конкурентного преимущества

Конечно, конкуренция важна. Но путем фокусировать на конкуренции и Competitive Advantage (Конкурентное преимущество), согласно Kim и Mauborgne, ученые, компании, и консультанты игнорировали 2 очень важных - и далеко прибыльно - аспекта стратегии:

  • Найти и создать голубые океаны, и
  • Использовать и защитить голубые океаны. Эти задачи отличны от тех задач, которым стратеги уделяли большую часть своего внимания.

В голубых океанах спрос создается, а не достается победителю. Существует достаточно возможностей для роста, прибыльного и быстрого.

2 способа создать голубые океаны

  1. Один заключается в запуске абсолютно новых отраслей, так же как eBay создал онлайн аукционы.
  2. Чаще голубой океан создается внутри красного океана, когда компания расширяет границы существующей отрасли.

Безусловно, Kim и Mauborge заслуживают уважения за то, что указали на излишнее ориентирование на конкурентное преимущество, а также за их красивую метафору о двух видах океанов.

Книга: W. Chan Kim, Renée Mauborgne - Blue Ocean Strategy -

Стратегия голубого океана Форум
  Applicability of the "Blue Oce
The concept is an extremely high-level approach to strategic management without any specific and applicable suggestions as to how to spot opportunities and create "Blue Oceans": what kind of systems and processes have to be embedded in the organizat...
  How to Start with Blue Ocean Strategy?
I am in the process of starting up a company. I was advised to use Blue Ocean strategy but there is a lot of information...
How do I start developing the company with the Blue Ocean strategy?...
  Filtering Blue Ocean Ideas: Strategic Overlays
When developing Blue Ocean Strategies with organisations we find that some of the Blue Ocean ideas generated, while great ideas, do not fit with where the organisation is prepared to go.
For example, due to its exploration of non-customer insigh...
  Blue Ocean Strategy - Three Tiers of Noncustomers
There are three tiers of non-customers that can be transformed into customers. They differ in their relative distance from your market:
1. Non-customers that are closest to your market. They sit on the edge of the market. They are buyers who min...
  Blue Ocean Strategy: Buyer Utility Map
In Blue Ocean Strategy, the Buyer Utility Map is a chart that shows the six buy utility levers:
1. Productivity
2. Simplicity
3. Risk
4. Fun/image
5. Convenience
6. Environmental friendliness
These 6 can be pulled i...
  Blue Ocean Strategy - Buyer Experience Cycle
In Blue Ocean Strategy there is a tool called Buyer Experience Cycle. It deals with the experience a buyer has in the various stages of buying-owning-disposing of a product or service. There are six stages of buyer experience:
1. Purchase
  Blue Ocean Strategic Sequencing for Delta Airlines
The fourth principle of the Blue Ocean Marketing Strategy is to get the Strategic Sequence of the Blue Ocean Strategy correct. The sequence has four steps which are utility, price, cost, and adoption. The company that I have been studying is Delta Ai...
  eBay's Blue Ocean Strategy Strategic Sequence
eBay operates in a Blue Ocean today due to their ability to capitalize on their first mover advantage and immense popularity. The BOS sequencing for eBay is:
- Buyer utility: eBay innovated a ...
  Blue Ocean Strategy Sequence L.L. Bean
The four steps of strategic sequencing for L.L. Bean's Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) begin with buyer utility and the six stages of the buyer experience. (Kim & Mauborgne, 2005, P. 121).
When I analyzed the bu...
  The Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) Sequence of Citibank
This week in a college class I am attending, we are looking at the sequence of the Blue Ocean Strategy. And more specifically, I have been researching Citibank.
Today, I would like to examine Citibank and evaluate the sequence in accordance wit...
  Blue Ocean Strategic Sequence for Barnes and Noble
Barnes and Noble while it is not presently in a Blue Ocean environment it is certainly a company that has a history of pursuing such environments and appears to be following the same procedures to achieve Blue Ocean strategy success yet again. In the...
  Blue Ocean Strategic Sequence for Blockbuster
The BOS sequencing for Blockbuster is as follows:
- Buyer utility. They created buyer utility by offering convenience and affordability with their new online renting business model. They took away the hassle of having to drive to the store and c...
  Blue Ocean Strategic Sequence for Oreck Direct
Oreck direct has been providing home cleaning products, such as vacuum cleaners and other household cleaning supplies since the 1970s to consumers. They sell these products through storefronts, retailers, infomercials, and websites.
A sm...
  Blue Ocean Strategic Sequence for
To create a Blue Ocean Strategy company there has to be Strategic Sequencing. The components of BOS strategic sequencing are: buyer utility, price, cost, and adoption, in this order.
It is...
  Blue Ocean Sequencing - Bank of America
As described by Kim and Mauborgne (2005) there are four principles that make up the Blue Ocean strategy: buyer utility, price, cost and adoption. To push Bank of America into a Blue Ocean, I propose they create an application for their customers that...
  Blue Ocean Strategy of Google
First it was IBM, then Microsoft and now Google. How Google made it to the top ? Adopting BOS ?
Google is a wonderful company revolutionizing information technology. The success of the networking company relies on Google's adoption of Blue Oc...
  Blue Ocean Strategy Sequencing for Blockbuster
BLOCKBUSTER is an american-based provider of home video and video game rental services.
- Buyer utility: Blockbuster already offers different videos, but it could unlock exceptional utility if it also offered a wider range of subscription online...
  Blue Ocean Strategic Sequencing - Exxon Mobil
Im completing a college assignment and request feedback on my thoughts about Exxon Mobil and Blue Ocean sequencing.
Buyer utility: being an oil and natural gas producer, an alternative energy source is the path most apparent. Focus needs to be ...

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Лучшие Лрактики - Стратегия голубого океана Премиум
  'Purple' Ocean Strategy
If there are shallow, boiling, highly competitive, bloody RED oceans, and there are deep, calm, clear BLUE oceans of untapped opportunity, are there also "PURPLE" - less competitive - oceans in between?
And do you always have to make your way th...
  Why is it called 'Blue' Ocean Strategy?
I would like to know meaning of 'blue' and its meaning when we refer to Blue Ocean startegy. Why it is called blue and not yellow, purple or white?...
  Blue Ocean Strategy Disadvantages
While most of the participants in this forum are quick to point out the first mover advantage that a BOS creator gets, we need to be aware of the cost in case the strategy flops. Given today...
  Blue, Green or Even Violet Ocean Strategies
I think ROS and BOS are parts of a process that all active companies will pass. In fact they are inevitable events during organizations' perfection. Only a creative company can enter BOS.
A dynamic system not only needs Blue Oceans but also need...
  Blue Ocean Strategy in Small Companies
For most small businesses in the current environment, staying alive is a major issue! Simply paying the bills tends to drive one towards the ROS concepts.
The smaller companies have little spare capacity in people to conside...
  Differences in BOS / ROS Cultures
I have discovered over the last five years that in Red Ocean Strategies (ROS) people compete to maintain a competitive edge over the rival companies, organizations or individuals through a number of unprofessional practices driven by a cult...
  What is a Strategic Sequence?
According to Kim and Mauborgne (2005) a BOS will only work if its formulated in the right strategic sequence. Without fulfilling one of these, the plan will fail. The sequence laid out by the authors is Buyer Utility, Price, Cost, and Adoption:
  Can a Blue Ocean Eventually Turn Into a Red Ocean?
When a company creates a blue ocean by foreseeing an opportunity, there is always a chance of other companies entering the same segment by sensing the opportunity already created. Thus, can we say that a BOS eventually changes into a ROS?...
  Six Paths to Moving from Red to Blue Ocean
I am seeking feedback on my class project. I am trying to move a red ocean company to a Blue Ocean company. I am working with the world famous Pike Place Fish Market in the fish and seafood industry. The fish market will need to follow the ...
  Creating a New Mental Category
Blue ocean strategies are basically about creating a new mental category or a frame of reference. For example, Red Bull created a new category called "energy drinks" within the existing "beverage" category. Hence, Blue Ocean strategies are played ...
  Porter Model vs Blue Ocean Strategy
Does anyone know about the differences between Porter's (5 Forces, Competitive Advantage) Strategy Model and Blue Ocean strategy?...
  Visionary Leadership and Blue Ocean Strategy
I think Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) success merely depends on the leadership of ...
  BOS: more of the same
Blue Ocean Strategy is just more of the same old stuff. It takes industry analysis from Porter, differentiation from Trout and the ancient concept of strategy from Sun Tzu. There is not anything new with this theory. It is just a nice catching title,...
  How to Avoid Imitation of Blue Ocean Strategy?
After creating a new market/industry, how can competitors be restricted to imitate the same. Is a complete overlook by the competition possible ?...

Expert Tips (ENG) - Blue Ocean Strategy Премиум

Diagnostic Framework for Building a Blue Ocean Strategy

Kim and Mauborgne introduce in their book an interesting tool they call "The Strategy Canvas". The Strategy Canvas is both a diagnostic and an act...
Usage (application): Blue Ocean Strategy Formation

Challenging the Existing Strategic Logic

A great BOS-tool Kim and Mauborgne described is the "Four Actions Framework". This Four Actions Framework can be used to challenge the existing...
Usage (application): Blue Ocean Strategy Tools

How to Find Good Product Ideas? List of 10 Approaches

In his book Product Leadership: Creating and Launching Superior New Products, Robert Cooper suggests following ten ways to great new-product ...
Usage (application): Discovering New-Product Ideas, Creative Approaches

Blue Ocean Strategy Tools, Frameworks and Methodologies

Summaries of 12 Blue Ocean Strategy tools by Kim & Mauborgne:
1. PMS Map Pioneer-Migrator-Settler Map. A key tool in the Blue Ocean Str...
Usage (application): Summaries of all BOS Tools

Innovation Pitfalls

Harvard Professor R. Moss Kanter describes 4 common innovation mistakes and corresponding remedies (HBR Nov 2006):
Usage (application): Avoiding Innovation Traps

The Value Creation Logic Types

Based on Stabell and Fjeldstads value creation logics, Norman T. Sheehan and Ganesh Vaidyanathan are introducing a unique methodology for discovering...
Usage (application): Discovering Blue Oceans

Recent Innovation Trends | New Innovation Types

Roland Bel (2012) outlines and explains four types of innovations that have become more and more important since the last decade. These recent inno...
Usage (application): Open innovation, User Innovation, Value Innovation, Bottom-up Innovation

How to Detect Consumer Needs that are Unmet?

In their article New Business Models in Emerging Markets" (Harvard Business Review, January-February 2011), Matthew J. Eyring, Mark W. Johnson, and Ha...
Usage (application): Product Innovation, New Product Development, Innovation Strategy

How to Find or Create A Blue Ocean?

In their book: Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant, Kim and Mauborgne present the Six P...
Usage (application): Approaches to Reconstruct Market Boundaries

Pitfalls and Obstacles in Product Development Strategy

Although product development can be an important growth strategy, it is necessary to keep in mind that several factors tend to hinder this strategy: Usage (application): Product Development, Product Portfolio Management

A Closer Look Into Customer Value

It is often argued that customer value is required for staying competitive and successful as organization. But in what ways can customer value be a cr...
Usage (application): Customer Value Analysis, Strategic Marketing, Innovation Strategy

How to Determine the Right PRICING?

One major part of the Blue Ocean Strategy is the Strategic Pricing. To help managers find the right price for a product/service, Kim and Mauborgne hav...
Usage (application): Steps to Strategic Pricing

Value Innovation Strategy Best Practices

The fundamentals of the "Blue Ocean" concept can be found in an earlier HBR artice by W. C. Kim and R. Mauborgne (1997) called "Value Innovation". It ...
Usage (application): Understanding the Fundamentals of Blue Ocean Strategy

How to Think Differently in Blue Ocean Strategy and Innovation?

Strategy is always related with risk, due to market volatility. Also todays volatility is increasing very fast. So innovate thinking is a must...
Usage (application): How to Be Innovative

How Can Incumbents Respond to Disruptors?

In recent years, the challenges to incumbent majors across industries have come mainly from low-cost competitors and from dotcoms (e.g. British Airwa...
Usage (application): 5 Strategic Options in Reaction to Disruptors

Innovating by Reconsidering Value Delivery

When innovating their business model, companies need to reconsider their value proposition from all perspectives. One of the perspectives is how compa...
Usage (application): Fundamental Innovation

Classes of Innovation | Sources of Innovation

Innovation can be triggered or enabled by two broad classes:
  1. KNOWLEDGE PUSH: Innovation triggered...
    Usage (application): Innovation, Creativity, Organizational Innovativeness, Lateral Thinking, Out of the Box Thinking, Blue Ocean Strategy

In Which Direction Should we Grow our Portfolio?

According to Professor Aneel G. Karnani in 'Mastering Strategy', there's no standard way to gain market value for all businesses. An answer that works...
Usage (application): Portfolio Strategy, Innovation Strategy

How to Design Experiments to Support Decision-making on Strategic Innovations

The probability of success of a major innovation is difficult to assess. Statistics and other datasets only provide information about past beha...
Usage (application): Strategic Innovation, Strategic Decision-making, Strategic Experimenting, Experiments, Strategic Testing, Innovation Tes

How to Lead an Innovation Team

In order to become a great innovation team leader, Ram Charan suggests in the article "P&G's Innovation Culture" (strategy+business, Autumn 2008, Issu...
Usage (application): Best Practices, Innovation Team Management

What Makes a Company Innovative?

A futurethink 2006 Innovation Tracker Survey mentions:
- Ability to create a climate that continuously fosters innovation
- Creative think...
Usage (application): Innovation Best Practices, R&D Best Practices, Corporate Innovation

Why Large Firms are Having Difficulties to Deal with Disruptive Innovations

Christensen explains why many firms, especially large firms, have trouble with adapting and thus with surviving when dealing with external disruptive ...
Usage (application): Innovation Management

Designing Complex Products or Systems Through Iterative Rapid-cycle Prototyping

Today, organizations are increasingly developing and designing new and complex products or systems. In other words, the complexity of the design proce...
Usage (application): Design Thinking, Disruptive Innovation, Blue Ocean Strategy, Introducing Complex Systems, Co-Creation

Entrepreneurial Strategies in Emerging Markets

Chanvatipsakul and Wongsurawat (2013) examined the reasons why SMEs are successful in entering emerging markets while big companies with more resource...
Usage (application): Emergent Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Innovation

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