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Valutare la Information Technology. Spiegazione della Struttura Impatto/Valore di Hammer e Mangurian. ('87)


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Struttura Impatto/Valore In un loro articolo del 1987 “The changing value of communications technology„ Michael Hammer e Glenn Mangurian hanno presentato la struttura Impatto/Valore che può essere usata per studiare il valore della Information Technology.

Asse verticale della Struttura Impatto/Valore

  • Tempo: in particolare la compressione del tempo è importante.
  • Distanza: in particolare sormontare le limitazioni geografiche è importante.
  • Rapporti: a volte i rapporti organizzativi possono essere ridefiniti.

Asse orizzontale della Struttura Impatto/Valore

  • L'efficienza è fare “le cose„ giuste, per esempio aumentare la produttività.
  • L'efficacia è fare “la giusta„ cosa, per esempio una gestione migliore.
  • L'innovazione è fare “nuove„ cose, per esempio migliorare i prodotti ed i servizi.

Alternativamente, i benefici della Information Technology possono essere categorizzati come:

A. Benefici strategici

    A1. Vantaggio Competitivo

    A2. Allineamento

    A3. Relazioni col Cliente

B. Benefici informativi

    B1. Accesso all'informazione

    B2. Qualità delle informazioni

    B3. Flessibilità delle informazioni

C. Benefici Transazionali
    C1. Efficienza delle Comunicazioni
    C2. Efficienza dello Sviluppo dei Sistemi
    C3. Efficienza a livello di Business

Struttura Impatto/Valore Forum
  View the Impact of IT as Augmentation Rather than Automation
The act of automation has traditionally displaced workers by machines. As a result of that, people have started to be concerned about automation. Nowadays, this concern is further enforced through the fact that automation is extended to knowledge wor...
  Impact of ICT and Internet on HR
What about the role of computing systems in HR management all along the employee life cycle in the organization? What concepts or theories can help out in this aspect?
Does a management system need to be an ERP one or can be only for a limited s...
  The Impact and Use of ICT and Internet in Higher Education
How is Information Communication Technology used as a tool for higher education?
I would like to know what percentage are using ICT in their pedagogical approach. Are the college professors really using using ICT while teaching in the class room...
  Integrating Social Media Into Business
I believe that social media power can be harnessed in order to benefit the organisation. All that needs to be preached is the manner it is used. In cutting edge and rapidly changing industries, it is better to have electronic meetings or short meetin...
  Impact / Value Framework Implementation
How do we exactly implement this framework? Is it by using the Balanced Scorecard? Or is there any better way to use this framework?...

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  (How) should you manage smart phones and Facebook usage by employees?
It seems that some in the millenia's may have challenges dealing with new technology, which is distracting them from tasks required.
Employee checking Facebook during meeting...
  Impact of Internet and IT on Communication?
What's the impact of Internet and IT in general on communication?...

Expert Tips (ENG) - Impact/Value framework Premium

Key Challenges of Internet Age for Management and for Product and Service Development

The Internet age represents a huge challenge for most businesses. Why?
  1. Because the Internet, wireless devices such as mobile phones in co...
    Usage (application): R&D, Product Development, Service Development, Strategy, Marketing, Innovation, Visioning

Characteristics of Organizations with an IT-driven Business Transformation Strategy

Today organizations need to move quickly through a wide range of business transformations, often caused by new and complex technologies. These technol...
Usage (application): IT-driven Strategy, IT-led Strategy, Competitive Potential, Innovation Accelerators, Disruptive Innovation

Enterprise 2.0: Integration of Internal and Public Social Media in the Organization

Companies more and more often implement Enterprise 2.0 (E2.0), which means implementing either social media tools internal in the company’s intranet (...
Usage (application): Enterprise 2.0, Social Media Integration, Business Process Management

Strategic Options for Dot-coms and Established Firms

M. Porter suggests the following strategic options for dot-coms and established companies in his article “Strategy and the Internet” (HBR, March 2001)...
Usage (application): Internet Strategy, Business Strategy

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