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Dans leur article de 1987 "La valeur changeante des technologies de communications" Michael Hammer et Glenn Mangurian ont présenté le Cadre Impact / Valeur qui peut être utilisé pour réfléchir à la valeur des technologies de l'information.

Cadre Impact/Valeur

Axe vertical du Cadre Impact / Valeur

  • Temps (Time) : La notion de compression du temps est importante.
  • Distance : en particulier surmonter des limites géographiques est significatif.
  • Relations (Relationships) : parfois les relations organisationnelles peuvent être redéfinies.

Axe horizontal du Cadre Impact / Valeur

  • Compétence (Efficiency) faire les "choses" bien, par exemple accroître la productivité.
  • Efficacité (Effectiveness) faire la "bonne" chose, par exemple une meilleure gestion.
  • Innovation faire de "nouvelles" choses, par exemple améliorer les produits et les services.

Alternativement, les bénéfices des technologies de l'information peuvent être classés par catégorie comme :

A. Avantages stratégiques

    A1. Avantage Concurrentiel

    A2. Alignement

    A3. Relations client

B. Avantages informationnels

    B1. Accès de l'information

    B2. Qualité de l'information

    B3. Flexibilité de l'information

C. Avantages transactionnels
    C1. Compétence de communications
    C2. Compétence de développement des Systèmes
    C3. Compétence d'affaires

Groupe d'Intérêt Spécial

Groupe d'Intérêt Spécial Impact / Valeur de la Technologie de l'Information .

Groupe d'Intérêt Spécial
Groupe d'Intérêt Spécial (105 membres)


Discussions du forum sur Impact / Valeur de la Technologie de l'Information. Ci-dessous, vous pouvez poser une question sur ce sujet, partager vos expériences, signaler un nouveau développement ou expliquer quelque chose.

sujet Impact / Value Framework Implementation
How do we exactly implement this framework? Is it by using the Balanced Scorecard? Or is there any better way to use this framework?...
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sujet Impact of ICT and Internet on HR
What about the role computing systems are playing and are going to play in HR management all along the employee life cycle in the organization? What concepts or theories can help out in this aspect? ...
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sujet Integrating Social Media Into Business
I believe that social media power can be harnessed in order to benefit the organisation. All that needs to be preached is the manner it is used. In cutting edge and rapidly changing industries, it is ...
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sujet How Using Long Filenames will Revolutionize Data Management
Use long descriptive filenames… I do. For Video… My app can use the filename (FN) to determine the part of the video I want to see. Without that feature you are scrolling through the video just like ...
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Conseils d'Experts

Idées avancées sur Impact / Value of Information Technology (Anglais). Vous trouverez ici des conseils professionnels d'experts.


Key Challenges of Internet Age for Management and for Product and Service Development

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Internet of Things and Marketing

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Enterprise 2.0: Integration of Internal and Public Social Media in the Organization

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Strategic Options for Dot-coms and Established Firms

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M. Porter suggests the following strategic options for dot-coms and established companies in his article “Strategy and t...
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Organizational Agility and the Role of Information Systems

Organizational Agility
Presentation about Agility, specifically focusing on the role of IT. The presentation includes the following sections: ...

Customer Behavior on the Internet

Internet Consumption Behavior, Internet Consumer Behavior, Web Customer
This presentation (2202) is about consumer behavior on the internet, but is still surprisingly relevant. Includes the fo...

Information Management as Enabler of Transparency and Public trust

Corporate Transparency, Information Management, Public Trust
This presentation is about how Information Management (IM) contributes to transparency and includes the following sectio...

Information Systems in Today's Organizations

Information Technology, Objectives, Information Systems, Management Information
Presentation about Information Systems in the world of today. The presentation includes the following sections: 1. Role...

The Internet / Social Media Revolution

Social Media, Internet Strategy, Internet Impact, Digital Revolution
Video shows how fast social media is growing. And gives a clear status of the position of social media by 2014. Great s...

Integration of Social Media in Business

Internet Strategy, Online Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Integration
Presentation about the Internet, Social Media and the Integration of them in business by A. Siegle. The presentation ha...

Social Media for Business

Social Media in Business, Social Media for Business, Social Media and Business
This presentation is about social media in businesses that outlines some steps to integrate social media into you organi...

Change Management in an Information Technology / IT Context

Change Management, Information Systems Planning, Information Systems Architecture, Information Systems Implementation
This presentation provides information about the planning and implementation of change, focusing on a context of informa...

Social Networks and Ethical Issues

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This presentation provides information about social networking, the virtual world and the ethical issues that accompany ...

Speech Kotler on Internet Marketing

Initial Understanding of Internet Marketing, Trainings, Workshops
Philip Kotler explains some conditions and gives some tips on internet marketing. - Have a good Website. Including what...

Impact of Recent Information Technologies in the Manufacturing Sector

Autonomous Robots, Augmented Reality, Additive Manufacturing, Big Data and Analytics, Simulation, Production
With Industry 4.0, technologies are getting used together and transforming the conventional manufacturing value chain. T...

Impact/Value Framework Diagram

Information Strategy
Download and edit the 12manage PowerPoint model for limited personal, educational and business use. Republishing in int...

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