Corporate Reputation Quotient (Коэффициент корпоративной репутации)

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Измерение корпоративной репутации через восприятия групп заинтересованных сторон. Объяснение Corporate Reputation Quotient (Коэффициент корпоративной репутации) Harris-Fornbrun.


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Corporate Reputation Quotient (Коэффициент корпоративной репутации) Harris-Fornbrun - комплексный метод измерения корпоративной репутации, специально созданный для учета восприятий всех групп заинтересованных сторон корпорации таких, как потребители, инвесторы, сотрудники или ключевые фигуры. Метод позволяет провести исследование по факторам репутации компании и позволяет сравнить репутации как внутри отрасли, так и между различными отраслями .

6 факторов Corporate Reputation Quotient (Коэффициент корпоративной репутации)

Эта модель бизнес репутации включает 6 факторов корпоративной репутации с 20 следующими свойствами:

Эмоциональная притягательность

- хорошее мнение о компании

- восхищение и уважение

- доверие к компании

Продукты и услуги

- компания верит в свои продукты и услуги

- компания предлагает высококачественные товары и услуги

- развивает иновационные продукты и услуги

- предлагает продукты и услуги с хорошей ценностью

Видение и лидерство

- имеет превосходное лидерство

- имеет ясное видение будущего

- признает и использует в своих интересах возможности рынка

Атмосфера на рабочем месте

- эффективное управление

- благоприятна для работы

- содержит хороших сотрудников

Финансовый результат

- история прибыльности

- низкая степень риска

- хорошие перспективы для будущего роста

- превосходит своих конкурентов

Социальная ответственность

- поддерживает благие дела

- ответственное отношение к окружающей среде

- хорошее отношение к людям

По результатам случайной выборки эти критерии в совокупности приводят к появлению наиболее уважаемых и/или видных компаний.

Книга: Charles J. Fombrun, Cees Van Riel - Fame and Fortune: How Companies Build Reputations -

Книга: Gary Davies, Rosa Chun - Corporate Reputation and Competitiveness -

Книга: Kevin T. Jackson - Building Reputational Capital -

Коэффициент корпоративной репутации Форум
  Differences between the Reputation versus the Status of an Organization
The terms reputation and status are often used as synonyms, such as when we talk about the reputation or status a corporation has. But Sorenson (2014) argues that the terms should not be seen as such and outlines 3 main distinctions between "stat...
  Building a Corporate Reputation Takes a Long Time
Reputation cannot be built over night and there is no short cut to reputation building at the same time. It takes years of toil and hard work not only for the CEO but also the employees to be in line with the company's vision and long term goals. The...
  Corporate Reputation Quotient is Vital
CRQ is vital as it measures resonance between corporate culture and stakeholder expectations, it needs to meet and exceed the expectations. This CRQ is reflected in the corporate image thus should be inviting, magnificent, accurate, gracious and exce...
  Results More Important Than Reputation
I think that the result of a company is even more important than its reputation. After all what's the truth about most reputations? What really matters are the size of the firm and in which industry the company operates....
  Corporate Reputation and the Economic Crisis
Excellent reputations are developed overtime from principled behaviours, including honesty, accountability, and integrity. But in this competitive market, where profits are scarce, most feel it necessary to slip these principles for the quick buck!...
  Corporate Reputation versus Indentity
I want to know if / how a corporate identity differs from the corporate reputation? Thanks......
  Measuring a Reputation
I would like to measure the reputation of our organization, an NGO. Internally and externally. How do I go about it?...
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  Corporate Identity MIx
Related to the Corporate Reputation is the the Corporate Identity Mix by Birkigt and Stadler (1986). Their model defines Corporate Identity as the Personality of the corporation. This Personality is built up from 3 things:
1. Behavior

Коэффициент корпоративной репутации Специальная группа по интересам

Специальная группа по интересам

Коэффициент корпоративной репутации Образование & Мероприятия

Поиск тренингов, семинаров и мероприятий

Лучшие Лрактики - Коэффициент корпоративной репутации Премиум
  CEO Profile and Corporate Repuation
Ideally, should the profile of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a firm match the main characteristics of the corporate brand or reputation? Does it matter if the firm we are dealing wi...
  Reputation Driver: Vision & Leadership
Amongst these 6 drivers of corporate reputation, vision & leadership is very important, because the reputation of a leader in the market decides the reputation of an organisation. The CEO should have a clear vision and a great reputation....

Expert Tips (ENG) - Corporate Reputation Quotient Премиум

Pitfalls of International / Global Brands

Consistent with current trends in globalization, international firms have concentrated their efforts on t...
Usage (application): Brand Portfolio Management, Brand Valuation

Pitfalls of a Strong Financial Reputation

A recent study by Don Porritt (Charles Sturt University, Australia) shows that a companys reputation for financial performance can adversely affect t...
Usage (application): Strategy, Corporate Reputation Management

Four Ways in Which People Experience Any Organization

The reputation of an organization depends mainly from the way that the organizations constit...
Usage (application): Corporate Reputation, Customer Perception, Customer Experience Management, Online Reputation

Global Branding Best Practices

In order to increase brand value, multinational organizations should focus on global branding programs, as these programs can lower marketing c...
Usage (application): Global Branding, Brand Valuation

Principles of Strong Corporate Reputations

The Reputation Institute (a network of academics and practitioners founded in 1997 to study corporate reputations) defines five principles in order to...
Usage (application): Strategy, Corporate Reputation, Brand Management

Dimensions and Traits of the Corporate Brand Personality

In contrast to product brand personality, which typically relates to consumers and user imagery for a specific product brand, corporate brand personal...
Usage (application): Corporate Brand Development

What is the Value of a Strong Corporate Reputation?

Academic research to quantify the value of reputation confirms that there are large economic premiums associated with corporate reputations:
- F...
Usage (application): Corporate Reputation Management, Market Value, Intangible Assets

Nationalism and Patriotism in Corporate Brand Communication Strategies

Past research in market communication revealed that many consumers prefer to purchase domestic brands because they want to stimulate their own country...
Usage (application): Corporate Branding, Corporate Reputation, Corporate Nationality, Corporate Patriotism, Corporate Nationalism

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репутация коэффициент


корпоративный репутация


репутация коэффициент


корпоративный репутация


репутация коэффициент


корпоративный репутация


репутация коэффициент


корпоративный репутация

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