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布德里奇美国国家质量奖(Baldrige Award)的绩效标准分类模型,常被用来评估企业管理系统和识别主要改进领域。

1987年, 布德里奇美国国家质量奖由美国国会设立,并以美国前商务部部长Malcolm Baldrige的名字命名。 这一奖项依据7个类别的绩效标准对企业进行判分,旨在促进企业提高质量意识。

1 领导力(120分)

   1.1 组织领导力(70分)

   1.2 社会责任感(50分)

2 战略规划(85分)

   2.1 战略发展(40分)

   2.2 战略部署(45分)

3 顾客和市场焦点(85分)

   3.1 顾客和市场知识(40分)

   3.2 顾客关系和顾客满意(45分)

4 测量、分析和知识管理(90分)

   4.1 组织绩效的测量和分析(45分)

   4.2 信息和知识管理(45分)

5 人力资源焦点(85分)

   5.1 工作系统(35分)

   5.2 员工学习和动机(25分)

   5.3 员工福利和满意度(25分)

6 流程管理(85分)

   6.1 价值创造流程(50分)

   6.2 支持流程(35分)

7 经营成果(450分)

   7.1 客户成果(75分)

   7.2 产品和服务成果(75分)

   7.3 财务和市场成果(75分)

   7.4 人力资源成果(75分)

   7.5 组织能效成果(75分)

   7.6 管理和社会责任成果(75分)

布德里奇标准满分为1000分。  布德里奇美国国家质量奖的绩效标准分类模型, 与组织管理不断改善提高的哲学理念相吻合。

依据布德里奇优秀绩效标准,成功企业属于那些绩效高、整合好且有商业道德的组织。 这一标准不仅帮助企业应对今天的复杂挑战,而且为明天的持续有效运作做好准备。 2005年,新版标准融入了一些新的考察内容,如高管承受的特殊压力, 技术和组织两个层面的创新需要, 长期生存和持续发展的挑战。 可以看出,布德里奇标准开始更加直接地指向执行力, 其要求就是敏捷与快速。

参考书: Mark L. Blazey - Insights to Performance Excellence 2003 -

参考书: David W. Hutton - From Baldrige to the Bottom Line -

  The Plethora of Data in This Age is Confusing the Heck Out of Business Owners
To truly improve the performance of large organizations, we need an attitudinal change. Unless businesses go back to the basics, the confusion that is reigning at the present with the tumbling world economies will destroy business as it should be.
  Performance Management System versus ACR
What is the main difference between Annual Confidential Report (ACR) and the Performance Management System (PMS). I agree that the ACRs were ritualistic in nature. But, the process of PMS too have the same threat, if the same is implemented with full...
  Suggestion for Baldrige Model: ERP
This model should be reviewed now. We can't underestimate the value of process mgt. It should get more points because of increase in usage of ERP packages....
  How to Apply Baldrige?
How to apply these Baldrige principles of effective performance management in practice?...

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Generic Application Project Plan for Baldrige

In the article 'How To Prepare An Excellence Award Application' (Quality Progress, May 2005), Glenn W. Bodinson provides following steps to prepare...
Usage (application)Preparing an Excellence Award Application

The Benefits of Applying for Baldrige

Baldrige Award applicants have cited following key benefits of the application and evaluation process:
- Acceleration of improvement efforts: The...
Usage (application)Strategy, Performance

Updated and Tailored Baldrige Criteria Items

The Baldrige criteria have been updated and tailored towards certain sectors in the mean time. See:

The Financial Results of Baldrige

Although Baldrige Award applicants and recipients are citing many benefits of applying for the Baldrige Award, the Baldrige Stock Study, which has bee...
Usage (application)Strategy, Performance

Best Practices for Baldrige

In order to prevent disappointments during and after the application process and to receive actionable feedback from the award examiners, Glenn...
Usage (application)Applying for an Excellence Award

The Review Process of Baldrige

Once a company completes its application, the work of examiners and judges begins. The evaluation process consists out of four steps:
1. Independ...
Usage (application)Strategy, Performance

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