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SWOT Analysis

What is a SWOT analysis? Description

A SWOT analysis is a tool, used in management and strategy formulation. It can help to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of a particular company. 

Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors that create value or destroy value. They can include assets, skills, or resources that a company has at its disposal, compared to its competitors. They can be measured using internal assessments or external benchmarking.

Opportunities and threats are external factors that create value or destroy value. A company cannot control them. But they emerge from either the competitive dynamics of the industry/market or from demographic, economic, political, technical, social, legal or cultural factors (PEST).

Typical examples of factors in a SWOT Analysis diagram:


  • Specialist marketing expertise
  • Exclusive access to natural resources
  • Patents
  • New, innovative product or service
  • Location of your business
  • Cost advantage through proprietary know-how
  • Quality processes and procedures
  • Strong brand or reputation


  • Lack of marketing expertise
  • Undifferentiated products and service (i.e. in relation to your competitors)
  • Location of your company
  • Competitors have superior access to distribution channels
  • Poor quality of goods or services
  • Damaged reputation


  • Developing market (China, the Internet)
  • Mergers, joint ventures or strategic alliances
  • Moving into new attractive market segments
  • A new international market
  • Loosening of regulations
  • Removal of international trade barriers
  • A market that is led by a weak competitor


  • A new competitor in your own home market
  • Price war
  • Competitor has a new, innovative substitute product or service
  • New regulations
  • Increased trade barriers
  • A potential new taxation on your product or service

Any organization must try to create a fit with its external environment. The SWOT diagram is a very good tool for analyzing the (internal) strengths and weaknesses of a corporation and the (external) opportunities and threats. However, this analysis is just the first step. To really create the fit with the external environment is often the most difficult work.

Confrontation Matrix

A tool to combine the internal factors with the external factors is the Confrontation Matrix.







make the most of these


restore strengths




watch competition closely


turn around

Often in reality the two columns of the SWOT diagram are pointing in opposite directions. Strategists must still deal with the paradox of creating alignment. This can be done via Outside-in strategy formulation (market-driven strategy) or Inside-out strategy formulation (resource-driven).

Note: you can also apply a SWOT analysis to competitors, often providing interesting new perspectives.

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Divide and Conquer Approach to SWOT
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Involve Stakeholders in SWOT Analysis
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🥇 Be Careful with SWOT Analysis. Issues and Risks of SWOT
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Application Areas of SWOT Analysis
A SWOT analysis is frequently used in an early stage of STRATEGIC OR MARKETING PLANNING for decision-making, problem solving, and as a tool to increase the awareness of certain people about the situat...

How to Turn Competitor's Weaknesses Into Opportunities
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Steps of Typical SWOT Process

SWOT Analysis
Here's a list of typical phases in a medium size SWOT process (modify as needed). 1. Determine clear objective(s) 2. D...

SWOT Strengths and VRIO test

Thoroughly Analyzing Strengths
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SWOT Dos and Donts

Successful Implementation
- Do create an environment that stimulates active contribution of all members participating in the SWOT analysis. - Do ...

10 SWOT Golden Rules

SWOT Implementation, SWOT Best Practices
1. Precisely specify all factors to be listed. Avoid gray areas and misinterpretable data. 2. Consider realistically st...

SWOT Applications and Aims

SWOT Insight
The SWOT Analysis can be generally carried out on: a product, a brand, a service, a company and its positioning, a distr...

Critics on SWOT Analysis

SWOT PItfalls, Improve your Usage of SWOT
Although over the last 40 years SWOT Analysis has been widely used and appreciated as an effective technique for strateg...

How to Attribute Scores to All SWOT Factors

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SWOT Disadvantages

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SWOT Advantages

SWOT in Strategic Planning
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Questions to Analyze the External Environment

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When performing a SWOT Analysis, a common practice is to ask the following 7 questions to analyze the external environme...

History of SWOT. Early Strategic Planning

Background SWOT Analysis
The origin of the SWOT Analysis has been credited to Albert Humphrey in the 1960s. At that time he was leading a researc...
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