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Human Capital Capacity Building and its Impact on effective Human Capital Utilisation. - The import of the article was on an appraisal of the importance of Strategic HR Capacity Building
Epistemological Model of Thinking (EMT) - New theory on Ontology of Human Thinking : An example of Innovation Thinking
Country of Origin Effect - Effetto del Country of Origin - The importance of COO effect such an intagible asset.
Performance Evaluation Framework of VC funds - Performance evaluation and improvement Framework for Venture capital firm using Balanced Score Card and Scenario planning
Motivation and compenstion - The effects of compensation policies on workers motivation.
The Influence of Intellectual Capital on Firm Performance through Innovation - The Influence of Intellectual Capital on Firm Performance through Innovation (Ph.D. Dissertation Proposal subject).
Deviceless world - Human will become the natural device in the world, mobiles and pads will dissapear
Ph.D. Dissertation Entitled "Integrated Tertiary Educational Supply Chain Management (ITESCM)" - An Integrated Tertiary Educational Supply Chain Management (ITESCM)
Unified Theory fo Success & results - Every author, theory, idea fits somewhere in this equation. The Big Picture (right-brain) view of results.
The organization is a community - The community is a capitalist tool.
Capturing Low-Probability, High-Impact Events 'Black Swans' in Economic and Financial Models - Incorporation of Fat - Tailed Effects of the Underlying Assets Probability Distribution using Advanced Stressed Methods.
Project Management & Knowledge Management - Project Managers are Knowledge Managers
Training and Development Effectiveness - Training effectiveness.
Trauma and Frustration as Predictors of Martyrdom in Low SES Palestinian Males - Ego Strength-Frustration Tolerance (ES-FT) Model of Predicting Violent Behavior
Bow & Arrow - Bow & Arrow is a tool that helps the organization transforms itself into a “high performing organization” by focusing on its operational efficiency and dealing with its core competencies
CSR Politics by Banks after the Financial Crisis - The project includes models for evaluation of CSR for banks taking into account the obligatory reporting needs of various stakeholder groups and the need of modern aspects of bank accounting. The postulated research is of fundamental character, since it aims to evaluate the present knowledge of CSR, as manifested in the areas of banking, finances, accounting and management, with the purpose of defining the framework of a new paradigm for banks in the 21st century..
Bringing in Context to Behaviour - A framework to bring both Individual and Organisational context to Organisational Behaviour Studies.
Sense Making in a Decision Support Tool - Email interview for my masters thesis as SAS business intelligence user.
The Process Through Which Professionals Manage the Boundaries of Their Professional Life and Personal Life - I wanted to write a thesis to enroll for the Phd program. I have already chosen the title. My thesis title is " The process through which professionals manage the boundaries of their professional life and personal life". Could you please advise me whether this topic will be suitable for my thesis. And please provide your valuable tips and comments on this.
Success to Significance - What 21st Century organizations are built upon.
Sensemaking in Decision making - Operational problems are frequently caused by inaccurate decision making.
The Stages of Leader Typology in Pesantren - Typology of Leader in Traditional School (Pesantren; The Islamic Boarding School in Indonesia).
Strategic Decision Models on a Stochastic Plane for Scripting Effective Turnaround Success Stories - Saving lives through innovations in entrepreneurial organizations.
Aiming the Silver Bullet - Application of technology to a process is likely to fail if the human elements of adoption are ignored.
From the Ensuing Recovery to the Future Beyond It - A Blended Pathway Will Be Needed For Process Improvement
Business at Bottom of Pyramid - Need to understand issues around bottom of the pyramid
Dynamic savings may resolve crisis - Giving folks an investment's substitute for yielding wealth

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