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Thoughts on leadership - What is a leader?
True Change comes from Within - The only long lasting change comes from the choice to actually change not from imposed change.
Demand Segmentation by Analyzing Demand Drivers - Segementing the demand for products/services by analyzing demand drivers
Investment Principle - Your investment is your future life
Multiculturalism in the global workplace - Develop employees people skills to easily fit in anywhere in the world, accepting others as they are.
Purple Caw - Book Review
By: Evelyn Grunau
5 Actions of a True Leader - Actions make a real leader, not merely their words or superlative adjectives
Culture Change and Power Play - Power affects culture change ethics
Establishing and managing co-staff relationship as a Personal Assistant - Work relationship management
SME deveoplement in Nigeria - Entrepreneur: A tool for rapid economic development and erradication of youth vices
TRAINING IS AN INVESTMENT - Many a times, companies do away with training & development activities due to economic slowdown instead of using the opportunity to consolidate competency as preparation of rebounce of economy.
Ensuring Accountability - One of the core tenets of leadership/management is holding employees accountable for their actions. Why is this still an issue?
Organizational records can be protected from hackers - Hacking into organizational records is becoming a common phenomenon. However, what is unknown about this problem is much much bigger than what is reported
Management and Life - How do we manage ourselfs is an art.
Innovation Management - What is Innovation? And what is Innovation Management?
The conflict of interest in IT Governance - The deployment of IT governance in organizations is generally problematic
The next 20 years - The next 20 years may be very different to anything anyone has seen, a 15-year recession in an internet environment.
Reaching a younger generation - AMU/APU is a great institution, however i believe they can expand to the future generation
Public Service as a Public Trust - Public Service therefore must have as its ingredients, the T.R.U.S.T. concepts and its acronym, political will, equal application of principled, firm and sincere decision and action to be worthy of a Public Trust..
Consumer segmentation - practicalities - How far is the SEC grid relevant in consumer segmentation in today's perspective?
Individual Learning. Some Findings - How the individual learning process works. Some experiences and advice
Honesty is the Best Policy when you're Changing Organizations and Countries - To get real change in any organization, there must be real and complete political democracy in the country of this organization.
Change and organization - Change and organization
Amidst unemployment, skills shortage exists - High global unemployment is due to irrelevant skills possesed by job seekers. Many employers cannot find well qualified job seekers.
Continuous improvemnt of business processes using BPR - Dramatic improvement in speed,performance and cost can be achieved by continuously improving business processes in an organization using BPR strategy which was introduced by Dr. Michael Hammer in the 1990s.
Things I have learned - Any body can become a leader if they are willing to learn.
Moral Recovery for Leaders - Understand TRUST and the effects it have on sustainability for effective Leaders
MANAGING STAFF: A PERSPECTIVE - Our Staff are just human beings, like us. Treat them accordingly.
Construction of Thought: Defining hospitality knowledge and education - Due to the nature of hospitality work, greater autonomy should be given to the workforce. In such case management is no longer able to control a worker in the workplace. Hence, individuals are expected to shoulder greater responsibility over their own action and performance to better serve the customers. This has serious implication on hospitality schools in developing future workforce.
How to Gain Buy-in in the Strategy - Buy-in is the first ingredient required for strategic implementation
Do nature follow theory of X and Y management - Nature has followed the principle of management while creating ........
The World Economy Platform - World Economy in a big problem in 2012
Get Buy-in from your Employees - Be a leader not a dictator
Intra customer communication - the best driver for market promotion - cellular phones are bringing the users closer and closer to each others. Promotions plans must give sufficient space to this factor.
Support Staff - PA / Executive Assistant - Business is reluctant to invest in upgrading PAs / Executive Assistants
Good Corporate Govenance The Cornerstone of Company Success - The importance of Corporate Governance is evident from the many company failures which has been an international phenomenon
A word of caution for CEOs - CEOs Should Avoid Killing Hens that Lay Golden Eggs
Why do approaches to managerial problem solving remain imperfect? - Substantial gap exists between managerial problem solving capability and the practical implementation of this capability.
Smart organizations - Smart organizations give workers a vote
Religion, Faith and Dogmatic Thought Modes - Religion can hinder the growth of Faith and Innovation.
hiring new employees -a delicate process - importance of trust, professionalism, observation and credibility during hiring process in totality
SME deveoplement in Nigeria - Entrepreneurship: A tool for rapid economic development and erradication of youth vices
Leave your Comfort Zone - Only mediocre people can't sacrifice their comfort zone.
People view of software development - People aspect is either neglected or given exclusive importance in software development. We need a more balanced and holistic view.
Paperless Quality Management System - ISO 9001 - to manage organizations..
Commercialize Underutilized Technologies via open Innovation - Open innovation is coming to be the best strategy for success of businesses in developing countries.
Accepting Imperfections and Manage Them - Learning and Practicing Methods to Make the Best of this Imperfect World
Consulting Bodies of Knowledge - Kennedy Report - 5 Major Practices of Large Consulting Firms
Identify your Communication Skill Style - How to distinguish and identify different communication skill styles
Leadership qualities - Leadership will be defined as one's ability to get others to willingly follow.
Airport Marketing - Generating non-aeronautical revenues to contribute in airport infrastructure development.
Management By Delegation - The process of managing people to get things done, executing, is based on the skill and techniques of delegating work and managing for results.
Manage by Design and not by Default - Management should be done by design and not by default
Trained or Inspired - As long as you are inspired by someone, there is no harm, rather you need to have someone to get inspiration from, but when you start thinking in line with someone whom you regard most, you insist on justifying his wrong doings without logical reasoning. It so happens because you are emotionally blackmailed to think from your heart (which cannot think) instead of mind, because your mind is in his control, i.e. you are brainwashed.
What a supervisor, Manager, & Director Should Be, Know, & Do - As learning is a continuous process throughout the life of every individual, and as development is a vital and essential factor for achieving progress in any organization, it is the responsibility of that organization to plan the development of its employees and overcome the inconveniences created by the lack of proper training and experience in work.
Mediocre and ineffective attributes leading to poor performance - I am exploring is to understand what are those attributes that leads to mediocre performance
It's a whitewater world we now live in. - Stability and Certainty have been replaced by Volatility and Unpredictability
lead by example - In my opinion leaders should lead by example and not be such a dictator.
Dearth of Communication Skills - Effective communication is not as easy as it may seem
The importance of spending - think hard before you waste your Cash
My View on Leadership vs. Management - We manage things: accounts, processes, machines. We lead people.
Rules are for fools and you need smart fools - Individual Constructive Consulting & Coaching for CEO in SME for sustainable value
Effective HR Communication : Need of Business - Communication holds the key and creates a difference to impact bottomlines
MBA Should not be Part of the University Trail - MBA preparation has nothing to do with the kind of job you may apply for.
My Experience of Leadership - Leadership comes from within, but it doesn't have to be just the hand you were dealt.
Successful and strategic planning starts in your mind - To be strategic in the corporate world is determined by our thoughts
Operation Excellence - Operation Excellence improves methods, productivity, human relation and reduces wastes.
Social Media Marketing - Customer Empowerment: A threat or an Opportunity or How To Engage The Social Media As Marketing Tools
Beyond the strategic plan - successful strategy is based on effective use of decision rights and information flow in the organization.
Patient Alert Fatigur Suggestions - Patient alerts though critical for physicians slow their workflow process, few suggestions which can make these alerts value based.
An Objective Approach to Economic Growth - Efficient and Effective Utilization of Resources
Changing the Tide - How to turn the status quo into status go.
Language Barrier...Really? - How important is language as a communication medium at workplace?
AACE's TCMF versus PMBOK Guide 2016 - PMI's new PMBOK Guide 2016 is now mimicking AACE's TCMF...
Leadership and values - We need to hold fast to a defined set of values - Not just any values those that can be seen as fair by all
Internal Focus Instead of Customer Focus - Troubled organizations turn inwards.
How to Get Employment in Nigeria - Stand out from the crowd.
Help Maximize Benefits to Society & Environment - Help Others in focusing compliment rather than competition.
Managing a Long-distance Food Supply Chain - Managing long-distance food supply chain should focus on irreversible processes in the food products, reducing food waste.
Cut back or cut through - Cutting advertising to protect profits is not good strategy
My Employment Law Areas of Expertise - Representing Employees Facing Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace.
Rethinking Growth with Services - Product centered management is still restricting companies to improve customer-focused services and grow with new service business models.
Leadership and Command - There is a difference between guiding and command, both of which could be termed leadership.
Bad Decision Versus No Decision - In business bad decisions have less effect than no decisions?
How operations management fits in with industrial ecology? - How operations management fits in with industrial ecology?

(Can our industrial systems behave like an ecosystem, where the wastes of a species may be resource to another species? Can the outputs of an industry be the inputs of another, thus reducing use of raw materials, reducing pollution, and saving on waste treatment?)
Scarcity vesus abundance - Our paradigm is that of competition and scarcity. Cooperation leads to growth, not competition
Regulate Recruitment in Nigeria - It is necessary to Regulate Recruitment Practices in Nigeria.
Lead Like what you Expect from your Employee - If Leaders devote themselves to working as selflessly as some of their devoted subjects or employees, they achieve more.
Customer Focus and Integration: Learning from Local Wisdom - Local wisdom has its role to play in a strategic planning.
Redefining Quality for the Tech-Savvy World - There is no denial of the fact, that in any product or service, quality is sacrosanct to marketability of the goods or services. But quality measurement has become very complex due to the variability in choices customers make for quality. A more pragmatic and rationale approach model for quality measurement is suggested.
Attitude is Everything - A good attitude is a must.
Leaders Should Be Emotionally Intelligent - Some brilliant leaders failed on their leadership in an organization because they lack emotional intelligence.
Addition to the Marketing Mix Ps - The introduction of the 3ps to the previous 4Ps in marketing mix.
Essence of Team Work - Team Work, Synergy Effects.
Gourmet Innovation - Portal Gourmet Sauce an innovative product that revolutionize the way people cook
Now That I Am a Manager... What Are My Priorities? - Most Business Owners, Managers and Team Leaders struggle with their priorities.
Quality Management and Engineering is a Discipline - Quality Management complies with the criteria of stand alone discipline. Hence there is a full justification to establish academic studies at Bachelor, Master and Doctorate levels. We consider Quality Engineering as a sub category justifying for its own specialized degrees.
How are Project Management Pitfalls to Be Avoided? - What advice can you offer apropos of avoiding Project management pitfalls? .
Power to Succeed - You have potential to succeed .
My Management View - Team Work, Coaching, Recognition & Customer Focus.
Why Materials Management is Important - Materials Management - The Secret to release the blocked cash.
Accountability in Leadership - Finding True Accountability in Leadership is a continuous search.
The Title Logistician - Overused/Misused Title.
Prescriptive Management Education is Outdated - Prescriptive approach to management education leads to diminishing value from education with passage of time..
Social Enterprise is the Future - Only social enterprises can offer the right mix of ethics, enterprise and community involvement to meet the needs of the 21st Century.
Human Capital in India Often Misunderstood - Human capital is often misunderstood and ploughed to in a way the human feels useless...
Ethics and Responsibilty - Ethics and Responsibilty.
Blue Ocean Strategy - How blue ocean fit to the developing countries.
Domestic Debt and the Nigerian Economy - The federal government of Nigeria has over the years accumulated enormous amount of domestic debt for development purposes. This however has the tendency of crowding out private sector investment in the economy due to high interest payments that results from government borrowing in the capital market as shortages of loanable funds is created. Hence, the end result will be smaller total output in the economy.
The Role of a Teacher in the Change of an Organisation - Association is key to change of organisation and teacher's role plays vital in change.
Pricing Strategy for India - Nissan has launched the Micra in India at an unrealistic high price. Will it work?
Dealing with rogue performers - Star performers are often poor team players. How do you manage such executives?
What software practitioners need from academicians and methodologists? - There are different software development methodologies, sometimes bitterly fighting with each other. From a practitioners' viewpoint what we need is a simple and flexible framework to make right decisions in a given situation.
Creating Future-Proof Organizatonal Structures - Management, in it different manifestations cannot adopt yesterday's approach to today's/tomorrow's problem.
Knowledge share - To supervisors: "There is power in letting go! Then our hands are free to handle something new!"
The Importance of Training and Development - Training and development are critical to organizational survival.
SME deveoplement in Nigeria - A tool for rapid economic development and erradication of you vices
Praise role - People deserve to be praised.
Systems view of organizations - The relation between engagement, communication, innovation, and leadership style
if high salary is the only factor for job satisfaction? - high salary can play a major role for a psychological distress as it creates a blockage in employees mind and interferes in decision of taking better job at better place but less pay.
Job No 1(b) - How leaders kill meaning at work
Management/subordinate power sharing - Subordinates are powerful arm of management, let other opinions work
Illusion of Control (Coping YES, Control NO) - Inherent unpredictability makes co-evolution(adaptation) more effective than plan&execute.
Reengeneering IS change from the roots. - Over the years I've seen many reengeneering projects that only scratch, don't dig, and yet claim to do reengeneering.
Speakers’ ethical responsibility - Speakers have an ethical responsibility to use public speaking power to enhance the development and conduct of humanity in general.
We are called to conquer - It is still possible to make your dreams come true!
Symbols - Hidden Treasures - Life is all about symbols, we see symbols all around us, but we are so much occupied into our day to day affairs that we have lost our mental capabilities to see them and extract the hidden meanings behind these symbols. Everything around us has a story to tell, if and only if, we are willing to listen to them.
What is your favorite management subject? - in genral my favorite management is Projects management in Civil Engineering ...
Leaders of Developing Countries Laundering Money - Should successful money laundering be counted as success for a leader.
Value Is The Ultimate Result of Human Efforts. - Human beings in addition to the natural way of adding value to the world as a living creature consciously create and add more value to the world by making and working individually and socially.
STRATEGIC SEQUENCING OF RINGLING BROTHERS BARNUM AND BAILEY - Blue Ocean Companies need to build in the sequence of buyer utility, price, cost and adoption.
Personal Leadership - Personal leadership
LEARNING ORGANISATIONS - Learn from Organisations who possess Technical and Organisational Competencies.
If you can't have water have Coke! - Walking the Thin Edge Sword of Happiness
SWOT of Tata nano and why it failed to deliver - SWOT of Tata nano and why it failed to deliver

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