Management Methods

Selected management methods by 12manage members.

Strategic Analysis- Business Attractiveness Framework
The Business attractiveness model is a useful framework to analyse the feasibility and viability of; new venture, new product/services in existing or new market

Master Production Scheduling (MPS)
A plan that details how many end items will be produced within specific periods of time.

Theory U by Otto Scharmer
Theory U shows how groups and organizations can develop 7 leadership capacities in order to create a future that would not otherwise be possible.

UML - Unified Modeling Language
Unified Modeling Language

Vertical software market analysis method (e.g. for OSS/BSS)
How to analyze a vertical software market? Here is a method to do it and a sample on analysis of telecom operator software market (OSS/BSS)

The leap from an industrial organisation to a knowledge rich organistaion, the knowmad will dominate the workfloor in the next decade, what and how will he/she do, need and perform?

What is your Organisation's Core Purpose? The Value Frame®
The core purpose Value Frame® for identifying your organisation's differentiating value creation capability and using it as calibration instrument for sound decision-making. Fast forward facilitation with the software application Intent®.

Cognitive simulation
The cognitive simulation is the research of operation and development of problem situations via construction of ill-structured situation model on the base of cognitive map

Quality Improvement in Health Care Programs
Using 5S for improving Work environment and HealthWISE for Improving working condition and work place safety.

Psychology of Cultural Change
At a psychological level, regards control issues, the systems we openly accept, drive unconscious opposition to change

The intelligent leader
No program/project manager likes to be clueless in team discussions, esp. technical ones. Here are some tried and tested views to help you be in control firmly.

Web Growth Model (Drozd)
The growth model of Scott Drozd is an innovative growth model that establishes relationships within an organization and identify areas for growth. It shows the impact of business to consumer E-Commerce on organizational Structure, brand architecture, IT structure and other critical interdepartmental interrelations and overcomes the issues of traditional organizational structure.

Fuzzy Method for Decision Making: A Case of Asset Pricing Model
Fuzzy method, Decision making, Asset pricing model.

Social Media Strategy Frameworks
Social Media Strategy

Insurance economic rating parameters
Competitive insurance pricing is a function of ten cost parameters.

Learning Styles and Communications
When we take the time to learn about different learning styles, understand our own and learn how to assess others - we can dramatically improve our communication success rate!

Traditional Diversity Training vs Celebrating Humanity
A stunning new methodology which we have spent the better part of 2 decades developing a highly successful, enjoyable and exciting series of programmes and methodologies, to build respect, understanding, communication and unity amongst people in diverse teams, companies, organizations and general society.

Create a Wisdom Domain
It is easy said than done - Unlearn Before U Learn. Once we think of unlearning, it is important that we understand the importance of creating a wisdom domain so that we can rely on wisdom during need to take decisions. In this article, I list out the impact of lack of wisdom and provide remedies to create wisdom domain from existing sources for better decision making.

Goldring's 'Forwithto' Paradigm
A Paradigm describing interaction between employees and managers.

HEQMA (Holistic Egyptian Quality Management Approach)
Outlines of the 88 criteria of the HEQMA-model

Consultative Sales
Consultative Sales

RPR (Rapid Problem Resolution)
RPR is a problem diagnosis method to determine the root cause of recurring grey problems.

New theory on Ontology of Human Thinking : An example of Disruptive Thinking
New Theory of Cognition with Epistemological Model of Human Thinking-Feeling-Willing under Self-Awareness of Human Conscience.

New Square Method
Non-linear; Data regression; Model application.

Voluntary Knowledge Sharing (VKS) Model

Enterprise information systems
Enterprise information systems, multi-agent system, intelligent agent, project management, process management

Enthusiasm and blood, sweat and tears alone don't guarantee success
Effort and trying hard are only two ingredients required - ensure the little things are done - if you want to be successful


Trust as Working Style of Small Teams
The basic strategy of leadership for midsize businesses

Protocol for Large System Change
Leadership Training In Backwards Planning, Action Research, and Capital Develop for Community Transformation.

Total Respect Management
Total Respect Management is doing the right things right for the right reasons. It's a strategy, a method and a philosophy, built on leadership, (risk)management and excellence

We Believe in Ourselves
We believe in ourselves. We believe in people who work with us, we believe in our friends and believe in our family. We believe that God will give us everything we need to win, as long as our efforts to achieve with lawful and honest means.

Change Implementation Choices
The Negative or the Positive way of making change happen. What will you choose?

The KARAF model & process for continuous improvement and excellence
The model indicates the needed and sufficient conditions to improve. The proces shows how.

Management by Example
How to revive a moribund organization: management by example.

Conflict of Interest Management
In the modern society there exists conflict of interests between individuals, groups and organizations. At times, mangement's win-win techniques are unable to find solutions to certain socio-legal problems which need to be addressed through conflict of interest management techniques.

ViewPoint Model (VPM)
Project & Investment scenario modelling tool, using multi-stakeholder predictive analysis for complex investment projects.

OGSM for Health Care
Health care organizations struggle to meet expected demand for care. An OGSM change program keeps the growing demand for inpatient care under control.

The Atlam Model (Strategy)
The Atlam Model is a practical methodology to outline a company strategy.

A Model of Action Power
In order to achieve a clear, safe, sustainable, resilient and inclusive development, we can formulat

Personal Leadership Branding
In the attached schematic, I delineate the roadmap of forming your own leadership brand.

Optimize your Neuro-Agility
Rapid changes requires rapid responses.

More results with less efforts
Doing the right things right and faster/better than others

A Monte Carlo Analysis on Case of Nike, Inc.: Cost of Capital
Referring to my previous post of, I stated: “...But I am willing to tell you that it can be a complex case in which we can doubt about sensitivity analysis done by Kimi Ford (portfolio manager) too. Because her assumptions such as Revenue Growth Rate, COGS / Sales, S &A / Sales, Current Assets / Sales, and Current Liability / Sales have been adopted from previous income statements and balance sheets from 1995 to 2001. Perhaps, we can take new assumptions.�


Develop your own vision and mission statement
Relate to personal and professional relevance in order to convey organizational relevance.

Enterprise Design Framework
A strategic design approach to navigate the intermingled concerns when designing for complex enterprise ecosystems.

High Intensity Communications
HI Comm - Areas in need of most improvement.

Cycles of Management System Transformations
Combination of cycles for creation and updating of base management system on the basis of the process approach and further its perfection on the basis of the tendency analysis for improvement of production, technology and management methods.

Coping with Change: The Future Is Already Within!
Construct Organisational & Personal Empowerment: 'Change by Coping'

Accuracy of current quality management systems
New thought of how to improve management system quality.


Change Management
Planned & unplanned changes -how to make employees love & volunteer for constructive changes.

Environmental Sustainability
Basic Definition of Environmental Sustainability in management.

The Points of Light Program
Transforming America: Restoring Main Street through Community Empowerment.

What if FMEA Fails?
What if #FMEA fails? Often it is mandatory to demonstrate that FMEA Is performed and applied by the

The Blind Cannot See a System
The whole is greater than the total sum of its parts.

Unconventional Marketing ideas..
These will allow Us , and our organization, to continue to ring the cash register, regardless of how our environments change.

Expertise, Knowledge and Social Mapping
Do you have a success story in one of these mapping methods?

Teacher as a Manager
As a manager a teacher should be a good planner, organizer, executer, and evaluator of his own job.

Community Transformation
What do we need to do to get BoP Communities out of where they are.

Management Design in a Flow Perspective
A fluid dynamic view on what and how to make complex business better and more prosperous in the future.

EMFPS: How Can we Get the Power Set of a Set by Using of Excel? (The Case Analysis of Big Data)
Risk, Rate of return, Portfolio of Assets, power set.

Powerful and Effective Group Process Methods
Liberating Structures provide simple, easy to use, but extraordinarily powerful group process tools.

OKR versus OGSM
OKR is a goal management method that helps you achieve the goals of your organization. By linking your objectives to measurable results, you ensure that these objectives are actually achieved. Where OGSM is a deepening of Management by Objectives, OKR is actually a simplification of this.

17 Quality Characteristics Engineering
To ensure the accuracy of the implementation of your quality management systems.

OGSM for MBA / BBA Students
3 reasons why an increasing number of MBA/BBA students choose to use OGSM to deliver their thesis or internship report.

Agile Move Model
A high-level model providing a structured starting-point for organisations considering the full adoption of Agile software development practices.

new product development

New Way to prevent Global crisis
New Global crisis prevention method

The only program on Direct Costing
Programme for Industry - Trade - Agriculture - Commerce

Goldring's 3 Faces of Management
A paradigm describing preferred interaction styles during supervision and appraisal.

Theory of Innovation: an Anthropocentric Approach
Theory of Innovation integrating Spirituality, Quantum Physics and Human and Natural Sciences.

Transformational Leadership
Transform individuals and your Team

Sales Performance Management
Sales performance management at a global level can be consolidated and published using a reliable platform that will consolidade and enable a walkthrough for the sales data around the globe. For Brazil level it can drilldown to city level.

Practical Direct Costing
It solves the problem of classification of variable costs with nosubjective speculations.

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