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Selected management ideas by 12manage members.

Mind Mapping & Visualization Tools
Taking the pulse on the use of Mind Mapping & Visualization Tools in the Enterprise

10 Tips for Small Scale Businesses (SMEs)
Some simple advices for SMEs.

Loyalty for the Organisation not Useful Anymore?
Loyalty for the organisation is not always good.

Holistic Management Tool
Need to integrate all kinds of strategic/tactical/operational information into a Dashboard for management decisionmaking

Sustainable group decision-making process
Stability of the group decision-making process may be increased by separating the three parts of the process: logical, chaotic and integrity. The first and the second parts belong to the internal medium. The third part is characterised by entropy of information exchange.

Management in Industry
Understanding management responsibilities in industry.

Business Strategic Plan
Opinions and ideas on strategy Plan.

generational gap and retention
Will this gap ever be narrowed because closer seems impossible

timely implementation of turnaround strategy
Early recognition of turnaround signals and timely action is key to the success of turnaround strategy

The Value Creation Model
The Value Creation Model focuses on the personnel, who operate the business functions and use the materials to create value, for both the organisation and the community at large.

know every leader idea
knowdge is vary usefull for us

Smart way to organizational change
Execute well and you are victor

Similarities Between the World of Sports and Business
We can Apply Sports Practices to the World of Business.

Industry and Education colabration
Need to reduce the GAP between education institue and Industry

Leader vs Leadership
Leadership goes beyond "the leader"

Unlearning Theory
As the need of unlearning is growing, we need a method to unlearn, we need steps to unlearn. We have to start from somewhere. In this article, seven factors have been selected which help us unlearn. These seven factors can be termed as "Unlearning Theory".

Save Malaysia
Towards Change of People's Mind and Attitude

International Friendly Relations between Powers and Public
International Friendship Between Powers and Public


Banks in Africa Should Give Farmers Soft Loans
Banks can come to the aid of African farmers to produce enough for ourselves and the rest of the world.

Unconventional Leadership Skills
Manytimes, leaders tend to deply or adopt to known or popular leadership skills in leading their tea

Management by Love
Management by love will involve the workers not only with the head, but with heart too

share the knowledge

How do you Cause People to be Curious?
Arn't you tired of patching over bad processes?

Describing a Quality Human Resource: Maturation
Maturation follows six-sigma to describe the quality human resource in quantitative terms, according to their entropy contribution.

Supply Chain equals Value Chain
Supply Chain configuration can determine a company's value

Unified Motivation Theory
Motivation is to do with a sense of self worth.


Review of an Organization's Workforce
A model to enable a review of an organization's workforce: WMOOD.

How selfless can a leader be?
Enlightened Leadership

5 Things India Must Unlearn
Achieving excellence remains a huge challenge for Indians. However excellence can be achieved if we are ready to unlearn. For Indians worldwide who would like to achieve excellence, there are five important points to unlearn.


Entrepreneurial Biltzkrieg as Solution to High Unemployment
My entrepreneurial blitzkrieg idea is a mechanism by which we can fund a massive number of new business ventures by tapping the financial power of Wall Street.

Anthropology of Business
Applications of behavioral science especially insights, constructs and methodology from Anthropology to Organization Development.

Interactive model of strategy
Interactive technologies and communications as a strategic framework of management

Performance Transformation Based on Gita
Gita provides a performance transformation framework based on consciousness.

Programming Decisions
Here's an introduction to programming decisions.

Setting goals
People who do not kno

ICH Q9 as a Universal Approach to Food Supply Chain Risk Management
Managing global food supply chain through a systematic method/framework.

Change within an organisation
Change within an organisation.

Measuring the 'Growth' of an Organization
A company's growth is popularly measured in its revenue, number of employees. Going forward, can we include people's health and other related parameters...?

Reinventing the MBA?
Reinventing the MBA
Is it time for a debate is the game over for MBA colleges? Going back three

Small-scale producers have generally been not given enough information to enable the add value to their produces which is making the Agribusiness industry operates in an isolate units of players, hence there is need to provide the small-scale producers with apdated knowledge if they aye to contribute to the national development.

islamic product standardization
the islamic banking product should be standardize or there should be unformity in products

Why Does Human Resource Management not Develop in Kazakhstan?
The most native companies in Kazakhstan have a Staff Department and not an HRM Department.

Side effects of unlearning
Unlearning is a new way of learning. But while unlearning, we are bound to commit mistakes, we are bound to fail but we have to go on. Here a list of side effects of unlearning have been prepared so that obvious dangers can be avoided.

The Chain of Derived Demand
Marketing is an attitudinal and natural process.

Change of Blissful Being
Bliss is an important factor in change.Some factors which influences blissful existence of being is discussed.

Management and Social Work
The best management approach to social work lies in people empowerment.

Attaining Focus and Preparatory Levels
Focus is key for areas of quality, operations etc. If we were to attain focus, on what levels the preparation need to be done?

Using Marketing in Politics
Marketing — applied to politics.

Importance of SOLAS VGM Regulations
The new regulation will be enforced globally, but countries can issue their own guidelines based on the SOLAS requirement.

4 Steps to Take Before Starting an Organizational Change Effort
It is very important for change agents to create open channels allowing to challenge the status quo and allowing employees to come up with creative ideas before embarking on a change inititiave.

Emotional Intelligence and Marketing
Emotional intelligence helps company in understanding their customer deeply lead everything in a customer oriented manner and help to position our products and brand in the heart of customer and finally lead to increased market share due to reason like emotional attachment good word of mouth. KEYWORDS emotional intelligence, word of mouth, emotional attachment .

Market Research Firm India
Blue Caterpillars offers Market Research Services in Bhopal, India.

Delivery Mechanism an Approach
Delivery mechanism of an organisation- Human Analogy.

Index of the Workshops 'Strategy and Neuroscience'
I present the English version of my seminars/workshops on Neuroscience Applied to Strategy.

change management
organizational and personal change management, process, plans, change management and business development tips

Compete with an edge
Marketing Strategies

Hidden Effects of Inflation on Profitability
Inflation might hamper profitability at different levels.

Higher Education in Developing Countries
Can 12Manage be a stepping-stone to setting up International Higher Education Programmes?

Effective Leadership
I am interested in global economic and strategic issues.

Parting the Waters of your Red Sea
What can we learn from the story of Moses at the Red Sea.

Sustainable Progress
In 21st century the strongest challenge for Humanity is to develop integrated (macro-meso-micro) strategy for sustainable progress (unlimited space-time-resources-products).

Towards better governance in developing countires
A holistic appraoch to issues relating to endemic and pervasive corruption might yield better results in efforts to curb graft

Contemporary HR
Transformation, Stagnation, Regression, Resignation..

The More You Communicate Ideas the More You Learn
It is by communicating knowledge effectively that we say learning happens.
Effective learning r

intelligent Emotionally I Communication
Introductionintelligent Emotionally I Communication Builds Emotionally Intelligent Relationships

Help others think their way from a job to a meaningful mission
When we teach others to act with a conscious awareness of the meaning and importance of their work, we inspire excellence and professionalism and the profit and reputation will not be far behind.

Consolidated Workforce Motivation Model
A new and easier way to understand what truly motivates your workforce.

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