Management Best Practices

Selected management best practices by 12manage members.

Leadership Qualities
Selflessness, Sincerity, Simplicity are important qualities of a true leader.

Strategy Matrix
XYZ Matrix-based approach to strategy design and execution.

How to materialize the Culture into Productivity?
Materializing the Culture into Productivity

10 Questions to Ask When Writing a Business Plan
Differentiate yourself from your competition.

I learned about buyers
My experience as a seller made me a better buyer

Maximising Business Intelligence Social Housing
All community housing providers world wide face many of the same challenges – the need to do more with les, obtain value for money, meet the multiplex needs of the communities we operate in, comply with a shifting sand of regulation and contribute the governments wider agenda for community housing providers .

Employers Retention
Turnover, Company Knowledge, Customer Service, Goodwil

Total Cost Management Framework- Integrated Portfolio, Program and Project Management Methodology
A fully integrated methodology integrating Portfolios of Assets to Program/Operations to Portfolios of Projects.

Leadership Requirement #1: Integrity
The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity.

It's all about you!
Before you start leading a team - find out who you are (and not what you are for whatever reason want to be).

Realistic Management
Problem identification, research with sound hypothesis and strong real inferences with practical application of treatment is the realistic approach in modern management sciences.

Notes on Successful Marketing Management
To keep pace with changing times, 21st Century Marketing is obviously a CHALLENGE.

Excellence is job [and opportunity] One
America is working hard at

We Need God?
If our ethics are adhered to and followed in all our actions with responsibility, We Do Not Need God.

Peer to Peer Storytelling
There comes an end to two centuries of western dominance. Linking stories can arm corporation for the challenges of the next decade.

Engaging Consultants
Why do business schools not tell you how to use consultants?

Enterprise information systems, multi-agent system, intelligent agent, project management, process management

People Issues
managing people in organizations requires in-depth understanding of the behavior dynamics of people.

How do I determine the Character of my business
How does my character influence my business performance

New Book - 'The Facts of Life Regarding Management'
Tim Bryce, Book, Management.

The Knowledge Sphere
In today’s competitive world, it pays to be smart. No matter how smart you are, I am sure there is something you could “get smarter” about.

The Value of an MBA in HRM
What is the meaning of Manager? Who is the Manager?

Financial Rewards and the Damage They Do
Dan Pink video explores the negative impact of financial incentives on employee performance.

Psychology of culture change
Overtly addressing people change before strategy and process focused change

5s to Manage your Digital Files
Have you ever tried using 5S on your Laptop or Desktop computer?

Truth Shall Set You Free
Information asymmetry -Ignorance of the big picture - is the mother of Murphy.

The Black Box Model: a Talent Management Model for Grooming Transformational Leaders
The mind is presented as the equipment that determines the level of consciousness, whether the person is stock with appearances or is able to perceive essentials; at which depth the black box is adequately described to outline system operation, as evidence of talent and leadership; both of which can be optimally developed in organisations that reward need with synergy, and ability with monetized ROI.

Motivation and Human Nature
A human can never be motivated. You can Just push and show a way. A person always need to be self motivated to perform best and be successful.


Ways to make money
The various ways you can tackle in order to make some money

Process Approach in Operations
Customer centered Service Organization

Getting to better outcomes
Integrity and best practice approaches provide better outcomes

The Changing Concept of Marketing
Analysis of different philosophies that guide a marketing effort.

Implementation of Asset Management Strategy
Implementation of Asset Management Strategy must come with standards E. G., OHSMS, ISO 55001.


Cycle Based Management
All situations, current and prospective, evolve in a cyclic manner. Failing to acknowledge this fact leads to undesirable situations, frustration and waste of resources.

7 Ways to Make More Profits from your Existing Product or Service
Seven Underrated Skills That'll Make You A Rockstar Business Owner.

Measure and Improving Performance in Underground Coal Mining
What does the hourly, shiftly, daily, monthly, annual measurements tell you about the performance of the continuous miner production section.

Genetic Consensus
To speed up group network decision making it is useful to apply Cognitive Simulation and Genetic Algorithm.

Is my Business Agile?
Why your business needs a performance diagnostic to remain agile.

Performance Management Race - A different perspective!

Performance Appraisals are one of the most important and often mishandled aspects of management.

The need for an end-to-end Knowledgeable enterprise for successful digital intelligence
These days the term or concept end-to-end has become an inflated and over-used buzzword which seems

its my best interest
its my best interest

Good Communication is your Gateway to the Success
We can't live without communication, alone in a remote area. We are created to live in societies.

Self-employed People Asked to Stay at Home Because of Coronavirus
How can self-employed people or those on zero hours contracts make a living if we are asked to stay

Law Office Management
Law of management is an Important Role.

Spendings and Fiscal Accountability of Municipalities
This topic may be limited to North America (USA and Canada). Municipal governments in Ontario, Canad

Internship prior to getting employed
We are offering the Internship to fresher candidates, if you are interested in that, to get a break through in this exciting field feel free to get in touch with us.

Design For Manufacturability (DFM)
1-Yes 2- Please see details 3- Done.

Strategy Business Planning
Most companies turn Strategy into a mountain. I have found a Business Plan for the first time that deals with Strategy in an all encompassing way.

Ethics in Business is getting diluted
Hapless consumers.

Stratégie et Communication
Must stategy be comunicated?How?To who?

Plan B, Reframing Organizations
Reframing organizations properly to serve their stakeholders better includes appraisals, inquiries, ownership by stakeholders; begins with vision, followed by missions, and transformational leadership.

Test your Management & Leadership
Management and Leadership are two completely different activities of Great Leaders, yet extremely additional to each other.

DFM & Innovation Consultant
Design For Manufacturability (DFM) is the need of the day.


Possible Issues of Linking HRM to Performance
Can high commitment HRM practice deliver performance improvement? Are there questions raised as to the proxies to be used in measuring the outcomes.

Ten Considerations Before Redesigning an Organization
Best practices for redesigning an organization.

E-HRM Needed for Green HRM
Electronic Human Resources Management (e-HRM) is a must needed tools for attaining strategic position within the organization.

Value Added Sales (Selling)
The Value Added Selling method.

Marketing ROI: It pays you back!
Had the pleasure and privilege of hosting clients & associates of Asia Pacific to discuss the increa

UA Marketing Solutions
UA Marketing Solutions India team involved in every phase of manufacturing the solar products to delivering the quality services is committed for only for the customer satisfaction.

School Administration Practice
Great concept.
12manage is a brilliant idea that allows for continuing professional development

GRC and Integrated monitoring & Auditing
Synergy and Integrated Thinking and implementation of IT and Business alignment is KSF

Honesty of Purpose
Pursuance of an honest with honesty & sincerity will lead to goal accomplishment

The Selection Process
The RIGHT people are your most important asset- the wrong ones, your biggest liability

Where to start
Where to start in changing an org.? Is it from marketing/business development or from the org's strengths

Theory of Constraints
I'm looking for people out there who are willing to share real life experience with Thoery of Constraints and key learnings.

Make Sure Employees Understand the Purpose
Several times, employees are not aware of the reason for certain acts or functions until they know t

Why is it Important to Develop a Vision for BPI/LSS
Take the time to identify where you ultimately want to take your business.

Please Accept my Sincere Apologies
For not entering this site for a while.

The Role of Functional Satisfaction in Employee Motivation
During only three months, certain measures on motivation of employees gives rapid results.

Make Skill People Growth Productivity
I want to make myself a well communicator and skilled to make other, and want to gather deep knowledge about policy and decision making and decision evaluation.

Project Management as PMI and IPMA et Al Advocates it is NOT WORKING. Here is what we Have to do to FIX the Problem
Back around 1955, either Esso or Diamond Shamrock Oil created a fully INTEGRATED ASSET, PORTFOLIO (o

The Servqual Diagnostic at RPS
Using Servqual to help organisations understand how they grow their business in hard times.

Best Practice across organizations within in the industry
Can we really apply best practices that fit for an organization to another organization in the same industry?

EMR Implementation and Management
Demonstrating appreciation of healthcare workers' preferences and proclivities toward their practice and their documentation of it goes far in facilitating the use of electronic medical records.

The Standard Procedure Series: a Phenomenology Model of Being That is the Basis for Performance Appraisal by the Sustainability Model
A Model of Being is presented that is the kernel of the standard procedure series, which is a format for presenting knowledge that makes it an asset that can be monetized directly.

Supply Chain Structuration
Basic and Keys Factor for Supply Chain Structuration

Who cares?
UK businesses not improving their efficiencies - unless you tell me different

Focusing the Organization on Collective Success
From purpose and business model to business performance management

The Sustainability Performance Appraisal Model: The Kernel of a Talent Management Platform That Monetizes the Knowledge and HR Assets for Workforce Development, Engagement, and Retention
An appraisal model is presented that is the kernel of a Talent Management Platform, which optimises workforce engagement via teamwork and synergy, workforce retention via a knowledge Bank, and monetizes the HR and Knowledge assets via the ROI.

A Changeover Strategy for a Main Switchboard
Careful planning, good people, robust tactics, and a Plan B ensure success

Whistleblowing unity
On why we need whistleblowing and its protection (GAP example)

The Importance of Value-Based Sales for SW Startups and Early Stage Companies
New SW companies with new products need to do a titanic effort in order to close sales - no matter how good their product is

reflecting on practices for peak performance
reflecting on our regular performance, irresepective of the positions we hold or tasks we do leads to personal as well as organisational development and enhances performance

Management in health care
Role of management specially in medicine.

“Who’s Who” in Corporate Behavior
The recipe for corporate success lies in astute leadership. Importantly, contemporary leadership should be conscious of people. An individual’s traits are incessantly associated with organizational effectiveness. This paper is a report on self-assessment for emotions, emotional intelligence, and values and the effects that the same have on one’s corporate leadership role.

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